Hubei modern water network planning passed the review

Seetao 2022-06-21 10:14
  • Planning and construction of a package of water network projects covering 18 categories and including N projects
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A few days ago, Hubei's "Jingchu Anlan" modern water network plan successfully passed the video review meeting organized by the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Commission entrusted by the Ministry of Water Resources.

Hubei is a major water conservancy province, with good water conservancy infrastructure, and has a very important strategic position in the main skeleton artery of the national water network. The Hubei Provincial Department of Water Resources has planned the planning goal of building a modern water network of "Jingchu Anlan", and established the "12345+N" work idea: strive to build a "three rivers and multiple branches through the whole province by 2035, connecting one hundred and one thousand lakes" The modern water network is a modern water network that integrates physical engineering and digital engineering, realizes the "three major functions" of flood control, drainage and disaster reduction, overall allocation of water resources, and protection and restoration of water ecology, and completes the construction of a flood control and drainage network and a dense water resource allocation. "Four tasks" such as building an ecological water network, building a digital twin water network, and carrying out "five major tasks" such as improving flood control and drainage capacity, ensuring safe and clean drinking water, improving water supply capacity, protecting and restoring water ecology, and improving the level of water network operation and management. Action” to build a package of water network projects covering 18 categories and N projects.

The construction of the "Jingchu Anlan" modern water network will effectively solve the problem of unbalanced and insufficient water conservancy development in Hubei, and provide water conservancy support for the implementation of the province's regional development layout. The total investment in water network planning is about 852 billion yuan (2020-2035). Keywords: infrastructure, infrastructure construction, domestic engineering news, planning and investment

Hubei "Jingchu Anlan" modern water network planning is the first provincial water network planning submitted to the Ministry of Water Resources for review and approval after the issuance of the "Ministry of Water Resources Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Provincial Water Networks". Editor / Xu Shengpeng