The Belt and Road Humanities: New Life Next to Old Oil Fields

Seetao 2022-06-21 11:16
  • The comprehensive service project of Ebano-Panuco-Cacalelao Oilfield is an overseas contracted project of Sinopec Group
  • After the completion of the oil field, it has brought huge economic benefits to the local area.
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The Ebano-Panuco-Cacalelao oilfield comprehensive service project is jointly funded by Sinopec International Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. and Mexico's DIAVAZ Group as the general contractor.

The successful implementation of the project not only brought good economic benefits to the Sino-Mexico joint venture, but also created huge social benefits for Pemex and the local society. Chinese enterprises give back to the local area and create social value for the surrounding communities. They are praised and thanked by Pemex, the local government and residents. They have established good community relations and laid a good foundation for the long-term development of the project.

Oil Field Brings Jobs

Mexico is a land full of magic, with a long history settling in the ruins of ancient civilizations such as the Maya and the Aztecs; the vast territory stretches from the cactus-filled desert through the jungle to the blue sea and blue sky. Mexico is known as the "country floating on the oil sea", and oil and gas are its most important mineral resources.

As the cradle of Mexico's oil industry, the Elbano oilfield, located at the junction of the states of Tamaulipas, San Luis Puertosi and Veracruz, discovered Mexico's first oil well, the Heping 1 well. But the oil field, which has been exploited for more than 100 years, does not seem to have brought fundamental changes to the surrounding communities, and people still live a life of grazing and fishing.

In order to increase oil production and drive surrounding development, Pemex has launched the first comprehensive oilfield service project, the Ebano-Panuco-Cacalelao Oilfield Comprehensive Service Project. Sinopec International Petroleum Engineering Company and Mexico's DIAVAZ Group jointly funded the establishment of DS Petroleum Services Co., Ltd. ("DS Company") won the bid in one fell swoop. It is mainly responsible for the four sectors of geological research, drilling and workover services, oil production and surface engineering. . According to the requirements of the sustainable development part of the project, the company will implement a community and environmental support plan to improve the quality of life of the residents, and the residents next to the old oil field have started a new life.

The town of New Michoacan is the northernmost town in the state of Veracruz, 20 kilometers away from the Ebano Oil Field. The town is surrounded by dense oil wells. "We have a lot of oil wells here, and many of them have been there since my grandfather was sensible, but these oil wells have never brought us anything." Lupita, an ordinary woman in the town, introduced, "We There are no other job opportunities here, and I still live by the sky, except for grazing and fishing."

Clothing industry brings new opportunities

However, all this seems to have a new turn. "New Michoacan Town Independent Women's Clothing Manufacturing Workshop has been established!" The women in the town heard that they were all very excited, and they agreed to sign up. It seemed that the whole town was active. This garment workshop is one of the key tasks of the sustainable development part of DS's project.

Lupita and her friends also wanted to be a part of it. Fortunately, she finally worked hard and became one of the first batch of women who benefited from the project. Lupita was very excited. When the garment workshop was still under construction, he often came to the construction site to see the progress.

Now, in the garment workshop, the brand-new sewing machine makes a mechanical sound of "da da da", and the needle bar moves up and down rapidly. "I'm really grateful for the valuable job opportunity that DS has given us. It's great here! I learned a lot of garment-making techniques, and there are teachers who guide us personally. We just need to concentrate on our work, and don't have to worry about anything else."

The faces of Lupita and her fellow garment houses were focused and confident, and the wheels of life seemed to be spinning fast. They are very satisfied with their current jobs. The garment workshop not only provides a full set of equipment, but also has a dedicated person in charge of sales. Everyone only needs to work with peace of mind every day to have a good income.

Today, everyone has a new understanding of the extraction of oil wells outside the town, "Without oil extraction, we would not have our current life." The self-supporting women's clothing manufacturing workshop project brings benefits to local people, not only helping them to support themselves and grow The skills have also won the support of the local people for oilfield development and the recognition of Chinese companies.Editor/XuNing