The construction of turnout insertion in Nanning EMU has been completed

Seetao 2022-06-21 14:01
  • After the completion of Nanning No. 2 EMU, it will be integrated with the existing Nanning EMU
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5 Minutes

Recently, nearly 400 construction workers from the Guinan Project Department of China Railway No.5 Bureau successfully completed the demolition of the right line of Nanning EMU Nanqin and Nanguang EMU after 420 minutes of continuous operation. 120/122/124/126/128/130/ The construction of No. 132 Yidu Yijiao combined turnout II was blocked for construction, and the line was opened safely and on time, thus opening the prelude to the second-stage reconstruction of Nanning EMU.

This set of combined turnouts is located on the right line of Nanguang EMU and the right line of Nanqin EMU of Nanning EMU. The total length of the turnout is about 74 meters and the weight is 260 tons. During the construction process, it is necessary to dismantle 147.3 meters of existing lines, move 12 meters of turnouts, replace 85 meters of rails, tamping large machines, recover old materials, adjust the catenary, and relocate signal equipment, etc., involving public works, electrical affairs, Power supply and other majors are difficult to coordinate and have high security risks.

The Guinan Project Department of China Railway Fifth Bureau is responsible for the construction mainly including the new Guinan main line of 5.61 kilometers, the new Guinan bus connection line of 4.57 kilometers, the newly built Nanqin passenger train connection line of 1.25 kilometers, the reconstruction of the Liunan right line of 2.80 kilometers, and the Nanning Railway Station. And the throat of Nanning East Station was reconstructed, and the Nanning No. 2 EMU Operation Station was newly built. Mainly for erecting 97.5 holes of T beams, laying 35.5 kilometers of track, and laying 102 sets of turnouts. Up to now, the T beam erection tasks of the project have been completed, 23.5 kilometers of track have been laid, and 35 sets of turnouts have been laid. The reconstruction of Nanning EMU has entered the second stage of construction.Editor/Ma Xue