China's first 2,000-ton dual-purpose new energy ship delivered

Seetao 2022-06-21 17:15
  • The ship adopts the core technology of DC integrated power system from the team of Academician Ma Weiming of Hubei Donghu Laboratory
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On June 20, 2022, the first domestic 2,000-ton dual-purpose new energy carrier designed and built by China was delivered in Changxing, Zhejiang, and was officially put into the transportation of thermal coal in the Yangtze River.

The transport ship named Dongxing 100 is 62.7 meters long, 12.4 meters wide and 4.1 meters deep, with a full-load displacement of 2,270 tons and a maximum cargo capacity of 1,800 tons. It is equipped with two sets of lithium iron phosphate batteries to replace the previous diesel fuel to power the ship. It has fast start-up, zero emission, low noise, and the operating cost is only one-fifth of the same ton diesel cargo ship.

Ma Fan, researcher at Hubei East Lake Laboratory: The thermal efficiency of traditional mechanically propelled ships is only about 30%. On the Changxing-Taicang operating route, according to the calculation of 60 voyages per year, it can save 100,000 liters of fuel per year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 260 tons, and reduce operating costs. It is more than one-fifth of the traditional mechanically propelled ship.Editor/Ma Xue