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Zhejiang plans to invest 440 billion yuan in new infrastructure in 2022

Seetao 2022-06-22 14:04
  • Focus on promoting the construction of efficient green computing power infrastructure and new Internet infrastructure
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Since 2022, in the face of the complex situation of a century of changes and a century of epidemics, Zhejiang has given full play to the strategic, fundamental, leading and investment-driven role of new infrastructure, moderately advanced, and systematically deployed digital infrastructure, overall intelligent management facilities and innovation. and strive to build a leading benchmark province in new infrastructure investment. More than 900 major new infrastructure projects will be implemented in 2022, with a planned investment of about 440 billion yuan.

Leverage the power of the whole province to promote the implementation of key new infrastructure projects in an orderly manner

Taking new infrastructure as a propellant for industrial transformation and upgrading and an important driving force for high-quality economic development, based on the advantages and characteristics of Zhejiang, it plans to formulate the "2022 Zhejiang Province New Infrastructure Construction Provincial Key Task List" and "Five Futures". "Four Lists", including "Declaration Form for Major Infrastructure Modernization Construction Projects in Zhejiang Province", "List of Major Projects in Zhejiang Province in 2022", "Project List of 100 Billion Digital Economy Project Implementation Plan in 2022", focusing on electricity, computing power and power "Three major supports", efficiently coordinating the "two major events" of safety and development, the system has arranged a batch of new infrastructure investment projects that will start construction in 2022, are more mature, urgently needed, and have higher benefits, reserve a batch, and launch a batch. Speed up a batch to further consolidate the foundation of industrial development, expand the space for economic growth, and generate new momentum and new advantages for Zhejiang's high-quality development.

Adhere to being moderately advanced and build a new generation of digital infrastructure

Zhejiang conforms to the trend of technological innovation and development, meets the major needs of economic and social development, and deeply implements digital infrastructure actions, continuously consolidates the foundation of digital Zhejiang, and promotes the development of global intelligence. The first is to build a high-quality 5G network. Deepen the "one thing" integration reform of 5G base station construction, and promote "one-time planning, one-time platform acceptance, one-time survey, and one-time approval". By the end of April 2022, 120,000 5G base stations have been built and opened in the province. The second is to promote the construction of efficient green computing power infrastructure. Accelerate the construction of national hub nodes in the Yangtze River Delta, lay out the construction of a national data center in the Yangtze River Delta cluster, and accelerate the construction of artificial intelligence integration platforms. Implement data center energy efficiency improvement actions. The third is to promote the construction of new Internet infrastructure. Guiding the national (Hangzhou) new Internet exchange center to deepen the operation services, and has now connected to more than 80 enterprises. Accelerate the construction of Beidou spatiotemporal information service facilities, and carry out regional demonstration applications of Beidou. Promote the construction of blockchain infrastructure.

Build an overall smart governance facility empowered by digital intelligence

Zhejiang takes digital reform as the core driving force, and strives to cultivate a group of professional and scene-based solutions through optimizing platforms, building ecosystems, building scenarios, and promoting applications, and builds a networked, intelligent, service-oriented, and collaborative overall intelligent governance facility system. . The first is to build a smart public data platform. Further strengthen the supporting role of the integrated and intelligent public data platform for the modernization of provincial governance, and iteratively improve the ability of city and county-level platforms to support multi-scenario applications of digital reform. The second is to improve intelligent public health facilities. Improve the precise intelligent control of drug risks, 120 cloud emergency dispatch, health emergency command and other systems, build intelligent emergency management and rescue facilities, and promote the construction of risk-aware backbone networks. The third is to build an industrial Internet platform system. Actively participate in the industrial Internet innovation and development project, accelerate the construction of secondary nodes such as the global root node (Hangzhou) of the industrial Internet permanent identification resolution system (Handle), and strengthen the management of industrial Internet identification. The fourth is to strengthen the intelligent application of transportation facilities. Driven by major transportation projects such as the Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Ningbo Smart Expressway and the Hangzhou Ring Road West Double Line Smart Highway, we will accelerate the deployment and implementation of intelligent infrastructure in the transportation field, and strive to build future intelligent expressways. Build a high-quality "maritime intelligent control platform" and build the first sea-related big data center in China; basically complete the integration of "land, sea, air and sky" three-dimensional perception networks such as AIS and Beidou along the coast of Zhejiang, and realize precise intelligent control of inland water and tracking and monitoring of outer seas. Editor / Xu Shengpeng