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Bolivia Gold Mine Project Signed

Seetao 2022-06-23 15:43
  • The Amaya Gold Mining Project includes the excavation and transportation of 14 million cubic meters of ore and non-ore
  • Bolivia is a world-renowned exporter of mineral products, with reserves of lithium, tin and other minerals ranking among the top in the world
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On June 21, 2022, the 11th Hydropower Bureau signed the Bolivia Amaya gold mining project with its own brand Yellow River and the British Virgin Islands Yunchuang Company, and achieved a new breakthrough in the company's cooperation with mining enterprises in the Americas. The company signed the first mining project under its own brand in the American market.

Amaya Gold Mining Project

The total contract period of the Amaya Gold Mine Mining Project is 54 months. It is a spot exchange project. The main project volume is 14 million cubic meters of ore and non-ore excavation and transportation. This project is the first project of POWERCHINA in the mining field in Bolivia, and it is also POWERCHINA's second mining project in a new country after Argentina, Guyana and Colombia in the Americas.

Bolivia is rich in natural resources and is a world-renowned exporter of mineral products, among which the reserves of minerals such as lithium, tin, antimony, and gold are among the top in the world. Due to the limitations of many factors such as transportation, capital and technology, the overall ore mining volume is not high. This project is of great significance for the Eleventh Hydropower Bureau to enter the mining field and further enhance its brand influence. It also opens up a situation for the next step to expand other mining markets in Brazil, Panama, Colombia and Peru. Editor/He Yuting