The Belt and Road Humanities: Urban Vegetable Gardens in the Sun

Seetao 2022-06-23 16:59
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Chopi Village is an inconspicuous small village at the junction of Veracruz and Tamaulipas. It is close to the Tamasi River and has obvious advantages in developing agriculture. However, this advantage has not been exploited by the locals, and grazing is the long-standing living habit of the locals. Most of the residents simply grow some vegetables at home, the types are very limited, and the nutrition is relatively simple. If you want to eat other vegetables, you need to go to the town to buy it, which is inconvenient and expensive.

In response to this situation, DS Company decided to carry out the "Greenhouse Sustainable Planting Plan" (commonly known as "urban vegetable garden" by locals), using four villages including Chopi Village as demonstration sites to establish vegetable planting bases, while meeting the needs of local and surrounding areas. the needs of the city. It is undoubtedly a difficult challenge for the residents of the village to accept this new thing. They have almost no tradition and experience in vegetable planting, let alone technology. Doubt.

In the face of everyone's hesitation, the project team invited experienced agricultural planting technicians to give regular technical guidance. How to select vegetable varieties, how to cultivate seedlings, how to monitor and manage crops and other professional issues, all have expert hands-on and patient guidance.

The effort paid off quickly. With the joint efforts of experts and trainees, the first batch of planted vegetables sold for a good price as soon as they were listed. The average monthly income of the participating residents was about 4,000 pesos (about 1,200 yuan), which suddenly increased by nearly 1,500 pesos ( about 430 yuan). For a time, "growing vegetables can make money" has become a hot topic in the village, and good days are coming!

When the second batch of vegetables was cultivated, local residents scrambled to join, and the planting team and scale continued to expand. Today, the planting base has a series of facilities such as greenhouses, seedling cultivation rooms, and crop analysis rooms, forming a complete agricultural planting system.

Alexandra, a local housewife, has been taking care of the children, doing housework, and feeding the livestock at home day after day for more than ten years. Although there is no rest from morning to night, I always feel that there is something missing in the days. After the "Urban Vegetable Garden" project was launched, she found herself starting a new life.

Talking about the green life that she is dealing with every day, Alexandra immediately became eloquent: "I didn't expect that with the help of technicians, I could grow so many kinds of vegetables! And there are harvests all year round, There are other places to sell, I never thought I could support my family with my own hands!" Alexandra smiled and showed us the vegetables she had just harvested with a look of pride and pride on her face.

Not only that, the younger generation has also joined the planting team. DS has established an agricultural technical school in New Michoacan, which provides an effective guarantee for the skills development and employment of young people. Alexandra's youngest son also attends this school. Parents who have worked hard for most of their lives, watching their children grow, have positive goals, have the knowledge and skills to achieve them, and finally live a better life, feel extremely gratified. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

So far, more than 2,000 people have participated in the "Urban Vegetable Garden" project, and the results have benefited more than 5,000 people. DS's action of benefiting the people has made people witness mutual benefit and common progress, and also made them believe that "working hard to reap a better life" is no longer a beautiful slogan.Editor/XuNing