CRCC's first arch anchor trolley shows its talents

Seetao 2022-06-23 18:27
  • CRCC's first arch anchor trolley absorbs the mature design concepts of the arch trolley and the anchor trolley
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Recently, at the construction site of a tunnel in the Jinyang-Ningnan section of the Sichuan Yanjiang Expressway, CRCC's first arch anchor trolley is professionally and orderly carrying out the installation of the full-section grouped arch frame, the construction of the mesh connecting bars, and the construction of the locking anchors. And a series of construction work.

After the tunnel is excavated, in order to increase the structural safety and control the proper release and deformation of the surrounding rock stress, it is necessary to carry out initial support for the excavation surface. CRCC has made innovations and developed the first set of GM133-FL arch anchor trolley suitable for multi-process construction of initial tunnel support. Rod construction, system anchor construction, advanced small conduit construction and other construction operations. The maximum working height of the whole machine is 13 meters, the working width is 16 meters, the lifting weight of the single arm is 1.5 tons, the maximum drilling depth is 4 meters, and the operating range of the system bolt is ±180°.

Arch Anchor Integration

After the installation of the arch frame, the anchor bolt construction can be completed without the need for equipment to exit the site. If the surrounding rock stability is poor, the system bolt construction can be carried out.

High construction efficiency

For the installation of the 3-group arch frame and the welding of the mesh connecting ribs, only 2 operators can complete the construction work in one hour, and only need to weld the connecting ribs of the first arch frame and its mesh.

High construction quality

The manipulator and the anchor unit have many degrees of freedom, and the installation error of the arch frame is within 5 cm. The anchor unit can rotate horizontally and vertically, effectively ensuring the angle and depth of the drilling.

CRCC's first arch anchor trolley absorbs the well-established and mature design concepts of the arch trolley and the anchor trolley, and meets the construction method of the second-step and full-section tunnel construction in highway, railway and other industries. Compared with the traditional construction method, the use of CRCC arch anchor trolley for construction has lower labor intensity, higher efficiency and better quality, and is the best choice for the initial support of the tunnel.Editor/Ma Xue