Shandong water network construction planning investment 385.5 billion

Seetao 2022-06-24 10:48
  • In 2022, Shandong's modern water network construction plan will complete an investment of 50.7 billion yuan
  • Preliminary work has been completed for 168 new projects, of which 147 have already started construction
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The construction of water conservancy projects is related to the most basic living security of the people. On June 23, 2022, the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to interpret the "Shandong Provincial Infrastructure "Seven Networks" Construction Action Plan. The reporter learned from the press conference that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the total investment of Shandong's modern water network construction plan is 385.5 billion yuan, and the planned investment is 214.3 billion yuan.

Jia Naibo, a second-level inspector of the Shandong Provincial Department of Water Resources, said that among the planned investment of 214.3 billion yuan, 136 billion yuan will be invested in water supply security capacity building, 44.5 billion yuan in flood control and upgrading projects, 15.8 billion yuan in water ecological protection and restoration projects, and 15.8 billion yuan in digital water conservancy projects. The construction investment is 4.9 billion yuan, and the later support for large and medium-sized reservoirs is 13.1 billion yuan.

2022 is the first year for the construction of Shandong's modern water network, with a planned investment of 50.7 billion yuan. "As of June 15, an investment of 22.68 billion yuan has been completed, and the annual investment plan completion rate is 44.7%. The overall progress is in line with expectations." Jia Naibo said that the number of new projects and the annual investment plan quota in 2022 will account for more than 70% of all projects. Among the preliminary work tasks, 168 new projects have completed preliminary work, accounting for 63.8% of the total number of new projects, of which 147 have started construction, accounting for 55.9% of the total number of new projects. Keywords: infrastructure, infrastructure construction, domestic engineering news, planning and investment

Jia Naibo said that in order to ensure that the province's water conservancy construction projects can be completed on time with quality and quantity in 2022, four main tasks have been taken: first, focus on preliminary work, insist on annual construction goals, reverse the construction period, and scientifically set the completion time of preliminary work. Allow enough time for construction. The second is to focus on the guarantee of elements, urge the city and county water administrative directors to strengthen communication with the natural resources, finance, and examination and approval departments at the same level, strive to provide land, funds, project approval and other elements, actively seek support from superiors, and ensure the smooth implementation of water conservancy projects. The third is to pay attention to the construction organization, decompose the project amount into months and implement it into weeks, tighten nodes and wall charts, and ensure the completion of the project on schedule with monthly maintenance and quarterly maintenance. The fourth is to focus on supervision services, strengthen the special class scheduling management mechanism, the bi-weekly consultation and monthly notification mechanism, and the "problem reporting through train" system, implement precise scheduling, special personnel follow-up, and key promotion for lagging projects, and actively help project construction units to solve the project. Difficulties and problems in the construction process. Editor / Xu Shengpeng