Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant fully put into operation

Seetao 2022-06-24 15:21
  • The total installed capacity of the 6 units of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant exceeds 6.71 million kilowatts
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At 21:35 on June 23, 2022, Unit 6 of the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant of China General Nuclear Power Group was officially put into commercial operation.

As the largest power investment project in Northeast China, the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant started construction in August 2007. The four units in the first phase of the project adopted the CPR1000 nuclear power technology of China General Nuclear Power and were all put into commercial operation in September 2016. Units 5 and 6 of the second phase project started construction in 2015 and adopted the fully upgraded ACPR1000 nuclear power technology, further improving the safety level. Units 5 and 6 use China's self-developed digital instrumentation and control system for nuclear power plants - Harmony System, which expands the application of domestic equipment in key technical fields.

All 6 units of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant have been put into operation, with an annual power generation capacity of 48 billion kWh, accounting for about 20% of the electricity consumption of the whole society in Liaoning Province, equivalently reducing the consumption of standard coal by about 14.52 million tons and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 39.93 million Ton. On March 9, 2022, CGN Hongyanhe Nuclear Power and State Power Investment Northeast Electric Power Co., Ltd. signed the "Nuclear Energy Heating Demonstration Project Construction, Operation and Maintenance Cooperation Agreement". The heating area is 242,400 square meters.Editor/Ma Xue