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Siemens Gamesa wins 882MW Scottish offshore wind project

Seetao 2022-06-24 16:29
  • Scottish offshore wind project will optimise the country's energy mix while also delivering clean energy vital to a net zero future
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Siemens Gamesa has secured a firm order for the delivery of 60 SG 14-222DD offshore wind turbines at the Moray West Offshore Wind Project. Each wind turbine has a capacity of 14.7 MW and utilizes the Power Boost feature. A service agreement is included in the order book for the 882MW project in Moray Firth, Scotland. The project will feature strong content from the UK, with all 180 Siemens Gamesa B108 IntegralBlades to be produced at the company's Offshore Blades factory in Hull, UK. The rapid deployment schedule targets the installation of the first machine in 2024, with the first electricity expected to be produced in 2024.

Marc Becker, CEO of Siemens Gamesa's Offshore Business Unit, said that the successful signing of the firm order for Moray West will further strengthen Siemens Gamesa's position as a leader in the maritime revolution. We were delighted to have been named a preferred bidder by MorayWest in October 2021 and are even more delighted to see their confidence in us come true today. We are able to contribute to the response to the climate emergency while developing the world's largest offshore wind market.

Siemens Gamesa has made the largest investment in the UK offshore wind supply chain, with our Hull facility at its heart. We are proud to supply all 180 of the 108-meter blades for the Moray West order for the expanded factory. As announced in August 2021, it will soon double in size compared to when it first opened. We continue to thank the UK government for its support of this development.

The Moray West project will be located more than 22km off the coast of Moray Council in northeast Scotland. The project's rapid deployment plan is to install the SG14-222DD machine in 2024. The first electricity is expected to be produced in 2024. As such, Moray West will be the first series installation of Siemens Gamesa's large 14MW machine. More than 14GW of firm orders, preferred supplier agreements and preferred bidder agreements have been announced for Siemens Gamesa 14MW machines, including 222m and 236m rotor variants.

Adam Morrison, Project Director at Moray West, said: “Following the earlier announcement of Siemens Gamesa as the preferred bidder, we are delighted to have finalised the agreement for the supply and installation of the SG14-222DD turbine and its services. Siemens Gamesa has a strong track record and this model will further improve the efficiency of offshore wind power generation. We are particularly delighted that our early commitment to Siemens Gamesa will see the first 108m blades from the expanded Hull plant for MorayWest. We look forward to working with Siemens Gamesa to ensure a smooth and safe installation process for the Nigg pre-assembled port as we move towards generating electricity from this major renewable energy project towards net zero, improving energy security and reducing energy costs. Keywords: engineering construction, engineering news

The capacity of each SG14-222DD offshore wind turbine will be boosted to 14.7 MW, with a rotor diameter of 222 meters, using 108-meter-long Siemens Gamesa IntegralBlades. The first prototype of this large machine was launched in 2020 and installed in Denmark in 2021.Editor/XingWentao