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Guangdong Guangfo West Ring Intercity Railway Co., Ltd. inaugurated

Seetao 2022-06-24 17:27
  • The length of the new line in Guangfo West Ring Road is 47.011 kilometers, and the length in Foshan is about 30.5 kilometers.
  • The Guangfo West Ring will start construction at the end of September 2022. This project is an important milestone in the urbanization of Guangfo
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On June 22, 2022, the implementation agreement for the Nanhai District requisition and demolition of the project from Foshan West Station to Guangzhou North Station of the Guangfo Ring Line of the Pearl River Delta Intercity Rail Transit was officially signed, and the Guangdong Guangfo West Ring Intercity Railway Co., Ltd. was unveiled. Further consolidate the comprehensive network of Guangzhou-Foshan rail transit. Guangfo West Ring will start construction at the end of September 2022, further optimize and improve the layout of the intercity network in the Greater Bay Area, connect Guangfo Central City, the New Industrial Park of the Northern Warfare, Huadu City and other areas, and become one of the city-wide integration of Guangfo. important milestones.

On the afternoon of the same day, Guangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd. and the Requisition and Demolition Office of Nanhai District, Foshan City jointly signed an implementation agreement for the expropriation and demolition of the Guangfo Ring Line from Foshan West Station to Guangzhou North Station (Nanhai District). Unveiling. "This project is the first cross-city intercity railway project that is really led and jointly promoted by Guangzhou and Foshan," said Zhou Qingfeng, deputy director of Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission. , a crucial step has been taken.

The Pearl River Delta Intercity Rail Transit Guangfo Ring Line Project from Foshan West Station to Guangzhou North Station was unveiled

Guangfo West Ring is an important part of the Guangfo Ring Line. The project starts from Foshan West Railway Station and ends at Guangzhou North Railway Station. The length of the new line is 47.011 kilometers. The whole line will build Shishandong, Dalan, Guanyaonan, Hegui, Tanbu, etc. There are 7 stations in Huadu Port and Shenshan North, of which Shishan East Station is an underground station, and the rest are elevated stations. Among them, the length of Foshan is about 30.5 kilometers, the land acquisition area in the Nanhai section is about 1092 mu, and the demolition area is about 400,000 square meters.

"The Guangfo West Ring is not only a core ring, but also a hub ring and a vitality ring. We must fully understand the strategic significance of building the Guangfo West Ring." Chen Weidong, director of Foshan Rail Transit Bureau, said that Nanhai District should fully tap the development and operation potential of stations along the Guangfo West Ring Road, and use the TOD model to promote the development of the metropolitan area.

From the perspective of geographical space, Guangfo West Ring will strengthen the connection between Fobei area and Guangzhou core area, make Guangzhou South Railway Station, Baiyun Airport, Foshan West Railway Station and Guangzhou North Railway Station more closely connected, and promote Guangzhou Pazhou, Financial City, etc. , Knowledge City, Foshan Sanlongwan, Foshan New City and other areas of economic interaction, connecting multiple subway lines in Guangzhou and Foshan, is conducive to optimizing and improving the intercity network layout of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, creating a Greater Bay Area on the track, for deepening It is of positive significance to help the construction of Guangfo Metropolitan Area and the extreme cities in the Greater Bay Area and to drive the development along the project.

Baolutong, Baolutong. Driven by the concerted efforts of Guangzhou and Foshan, the feasibility study and preliminary design of the project have been approved. The preliminary construction work of the Foshan section is progressing in an orderly manner, and the first construction site has been delivered. Ding Jianlong, chairman of Guangzhou Metro Group, said that the relevant construction units in the two cities will cooperate with each other to fully support the Guangfo West Ring Project Company in promoting various construction tasks, and create high-quality projects and demonstration projects that are "assured by the government and satisfied by the people". Editor/Zhao E