The Belt and Road Humanities: Stadiums become new landmarks

Seetao 2022-06-25 11:25
  • DS company invested by China has built more than ten new projects for benefiting the people in 3 years
  • Project development benefits more than 40,000 residents in Mexico
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In the evening of midsummer, the weather is getting cooler, it is a good time to go out to exercise. Young people are on the rudimentary basketball court. You come and go and compete fiercely. However, dark clouds are already pressing down on the horizon. "Let's make an appointment tomorrow to play?" "Will it rain tomorrow?" "Yes, it's really troublesome. The game is about to be played, and there is no court practice."

Before the students could finish speaking, the rain had already fallen, and then it instantly became bigger, and the field was immediately empty. The Elbano oil area has a population of more than 40,000, but there are no large-scale event venues, and many collective activities can only be held in the open air. There is a lot of precipitation here and the rainy season is long. Over the years, people increasingly feel that if there is an indoor venue, no matter how long the rainy season is, the social life can still be as bright as a sunny day.

In 2015, DS invested $560,000 to build a multi-purpose gymnasium. In this town with few high-rise buildings, such a grand and modern sports complex has become the most eye-catching sight.

Pablo is a young man from the town of Ebano and a local staff member of the multi-purpose gymnasium construction project. Talking about this project, Pablo was very excited, "The gymnasium is a work that we built together, and we all witnessed its birth, growth and completion. Of course, we should be proud of it, and this is also my contribution to my hometown. strength!"

As the gymnasium opened, it became increasingly felt that the landmark had become an integral part of the town's residents' lives. Students often come for basketball and volleyball training, the school holds graduation ceremonies, celebrates traditional festivals, and local singers hold concerts, all of which are held here, adding a lot of dazzling colors to the town's life.

From 2013 to 2016, DS's people-benefiting projects never stopped: 6 parks and 6 sports venues were built or renovated, 1 new hospital, 2 water towers were built, and 15 schools were built... At the same time, DS company also focuses on solving road traffic problems, repairing roads for many regions, greatly enhancing the transportation capacity and competitiveness of local agricultural and sideline products, and contributing to the happy life of local residents.

According to statistics, over the past four years, this sustainable development plan has benefited more than 45,000 local residents, and has been sincerely praised and thanked by the local government, residents and Pemex. Of course, these exciting stories are not over, they are still happening and expanding on the soil of Mexico, hoping to enable more and more local people to live a more prosperous life.

Mexico and China are both ancient civilizations. Even though we speak different languages and spread different cultures and customs, the distance between the two countries is no longer far away due to the ever-increasing friendly cooperation. As long as the Chinese and Mexican people work together in the same boat, our dream will eventually come true.Editor/XuNing