Shandong infrastructure construction action plan released

Seetao 2022-06-27 10:37
  • By 2025, the mileage of high-speed (intercity) railways under construction and open to traffic in Shandong will reach 4,400 kilometers
  • During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the total investment of Shandong modern water network construction plan is 385.5 billion yuan
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On June 24, 2022, the Shandong Provincial Government issued the Action Plan for the Construction of "Seven Networks" of Infrastructure in Shandong Province.

Comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network construction action plan

Mainly around the main line of Shandong Province's "three networks, two clusters and one system" comprehensive transportation infrastructure construction, coordinate the construction of railway network, highway network, inland water transportation network, coastal port group, airport group, and comprehensive transportation hub in Shandong Province, and accelerate the construction of land and sea A comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network with linkage and interconnection. By 2025, the mileage of high-speed (intercity) railways under construction and open to traffic will reach 4,400 kilometers; the mileage of expressways under construction and open to traffic will reach 10,000 kilometers, and the proportion of two-way six-lane and above will reach 36%; the mileage of high-grade waterways of grade 3 and above inland rivers The total number of berths above 10,000-ton level in coastal ports has reached 360; the total number of transport airports has reached 12, and the total number of general airports has reached 30; the urban rail transit mileage under construction and operation has reached 700 kilometers.

Action Plan for Construction of Modern Logistics Network

Focus on the implementation of the "four major actions" of strengthening the foundation of network facilities, optimizing and improving transportation and logistics, supplementing shortfalls and promoting financing in key areas, and improving the quality and efficiency of the support system, creating a modern logistics infrastructure network system that is intensively linked, open and shared, intelligent, efficient, and green and safe . By 2025, the throughput of coastal ports will reach 2 billion tons, and the multimodal freight volume will increase by 10% annually.

Action Plan for Construction of Energy Security Network

Adhere to the focus on green and low-carbon development, with the construction of major projects as the support, and accelerate the construction of a green and low-carbon power supply chain, a coal supply chain with internal and external coordination, an oil and gas supply chain with both land and sea, a safe and reliable energy reserve system, and a strong management and control system. The safety production system "three chains and two systems" strives to create a safe, reliable, clean and low-carbon energy security network. By 2025, the installed power generation capacity of new energy and renewable energy will reach more than 100 million kilowatts; the installed capacity of coal power will be controlled at about 100 million kilowatts; the electricity received from outside the province will reach more than 150 billion kilowatt hours; the coal output will be stable at about 95 million tons; the crude oil output Stable at 21 million tons; new coastal LNG supply capacity of 24 billion cubic meters; government dispatchable coal reserve capacity of 20 million tons.

Action Plan for Construction of Urban Municipal Public Utilities Network

Focus on 8 areas including urban roads and bridges, water supply and water saving, sewage treatment, waterlogging control, gas, heat, gardening, and sanitation, and accelerate the construction of modern urban municipal public facilities with complete systems, balanced layout, appropriate standards, safe operation, and high-quality services. system. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, about 2 million cubic meters per day of sewage treatment facilities will be added, 5,000 kilometers of urban rainwater pipe network and 22,000 kilometers of gas pipe network will be newly built, and 8,000 tons of domestic waste incineration treatment capacity will be added per day. The heat source capacity is 11,200 megawatts, the urban water supply capacity is 4.3 million cubic meters per day, 8,000 kilometers of new and reconstructed water supply pipelines, 6,000 kilometers of urban roads, and 53 square kilometers of urban comprehensive parks.

Action Plan for Modern Water Network Construction

Focusing on optimizing the allocation of water resources, improving the flood control and disaster reduction system, strengthening the protection and restoration of water ecology, building a digital and intelligent modern water network, and promoting the high-quality development of Shandong's modern water network. By 2025, the new water supply capacity will reach 1 billion cubic meters, the integration rate of urban and rural water supply will reach 70%, the utilization rate of urban reclaimed water will reach 55%, the unconventional water utilization will reach 1.5 billion cubic meters, and the rate of compliance of river and lake embankments of grade 5 and above will reach the standard. Reach more than 77%, and the soil and water conservation rate reaches more than 85%.

New Infrastructure Network Construction Action Plan

Based on the construction of a new infrastructure system that is ubiquitous and interconnected with information networks, strongly driven by technological innovation, and extremely rich in application scenarios, implement 19 key actions in three areas: information infrastructure, converged infrastructure, and innovative infrastructure. By 2025, the number of 5G base stations will reach 250,000, the penetration rate of 5G users will increase to 56%, and high-quality and large-scale 5G networks will be fully built; the coverage of intelligent transformation of industrial enterprises above designated size will reach more than 90%; the typical application scenarios of smart agriculture will reach There are more than 500 sites; the coverage rate of digital campuses in Shandong Province has reached 100%; there are about 10 national-level innovation platforms and about 500 provincial-level new R&D institutions. Keywords: infrastructure, infrastructure construction, domestic engineering news, planning and investment

Action Plan for Construction of Rural Infrastructure Network

Focusing on expanding domestic demand and making up for shortcomings in rural infrastructure, organize and implement rural road network construction, rural water supply security, rural power grid and comprehensive energy construction, digital village construction, modern rural logistics construction, rural public service facility construction, rural public environment improvement, "Eight major actions" for modern agricultural infrastructure construction. By the end of 2025, 40,000 kilometers of rural roads will be built, renovated and upgraded, and all natural villages will be connected to hardened roads; the power supply reliability rate will increase to 99.954%, the comprehensive voltage qualification rate will increase to 99.948%, and the per-household distribution transformer capacity will reach about 3 kVA; All administrative villages (communities) in Shandong Province have been built into "hundred-megabyte villages", and all administrative villages have basically achieved full 5G coverage. Editor / Xu Shengpeng