Hunan Daxingzhai Reservoir Project officially started

Seetao 2022-06-27 11:42
  • Hunan Daxingzhai Reservoir Project, the total construction period is about 36 months
  • After completion, it can solve the problem of safe drinking water for 500,000 people, and irrigate 24,700 mu of farmland
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On June 25, 2022, the construction of the Daxingzhai Reservoir project in Hunan officially started. It is understood that the project is one of the 150 major water conservancy projects deployed and implemented by the State Council, and one of the 55 major water conservancy projects to be promoted in 2022.

The Daxingzhai Reservoir project mainly focuses on the flood control function, combines water supply and irrigation, and takes into account ecological water replenishment. The maximum dam height of the project dam crest is 68.5 meters, the dam crest width is 10 meters, and the dam crest length is 287.5 meters. The normal storage level of the reservoir is 310.0 meters, the total storage capacity is 113 million cubic meters, and the average daily water supply is 285,000 cubic meters. The engineering design irrigation area is 24,700 mu, and the average annual irrigation water volume is 8.11 million cubic meters. The total investment of the project is 5.114 billion yuan, and the total construction period is 36 months.

In the future, after the completion of the Daxingzhai Reservoir Project in Hunan Province, it will comprehensively enhance the urban flood control capacity and water supply security capacity of Jishou City, the prefecture of Xiangxi Prefecture, and improve the irrigation conditions of Jishou City's agricultural industry. It will further enrich tourism resources, improve the ecological environment of the Tonghe River Basin, and promote rural revitalization and high-quality economic and social development in ethnic areas. Editor/He Yuting