China's first offshore oil and gas smart factory put into operation

Seetao 2022-06-27 16:14
  • The automatic cutting rate of intelligent factory sheets reaches 90%, and the automatic welding rate of deck sheets reaches 70%
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On June 26, 2022, China's first intelligent factory for offshore oil and gas equipment manufacturing - COOEC Tianjin Intelligent Manufacturing Base was officially put into operation.

The total area of the intelligent factory is about 575,000 square meters. The core facilities include three intelligent production centers, seven auxiliary workshops and eight assembly stations. The designed annual production capacity is 84,000 structural tons, with a total length of 1,631 meters. It is suitable for large-scale marine engineering ships and floating High-quality wharf resources where the type production storage and unloading equipment is docked.

Focus on the development of high-end marine products such as oil and gas production platforms and upper modules, FPSO modules, and LNG modules, and build a comprehensive base that integrates functions such as intelligent manufacturing of marine engineering, intelligent support for oil and gas field operation and maintenance, and an original innovation research and development platform for marine technology.

Smart factories mainly include production systems based on flat segmented production lines, process pipeline production lines, and automated three-dimensional warehouses, software management systems based on digital intelligent manufacturing management systems, production execution systems, and warehouse management systems, and information collection systems, intelligent Security systems, kinetic energy monitoring systems, site support systems, workshop production logistics and material distribution systems, etc., through the application of intelligent manufacturing technology and the lean integration of various systems, effectively promote China's marine equipment manufacturing from traditional manpower factories to modern smart factories .Editor/Ma Xue