Important Russian highways diverted to China and Iran!

Seetao 2022-06-27 17:22
  • The construction of this project will connect major countries in the Asian continent and reduce economic and trade costs in the region
  • After the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Russia changed the Meridian Highway into a north-south road, eventually leading to Iran
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According to reports, Vyacheslav Petushenko, chairman of the Russian state-owned road construction company Avtodor, said in an interview with Russian RBC TV that the Russian Meridian Highway, which was originally scheduled to connect Asia and Europe, will be diverted to the south in the European part of Russia, connecting China, Kazakhstan, China and Kazakhstan. Stan is connected to Caspian countries including Iran.

Russia originally had a plan to build the Meridian Intercontinental Highway. The original plan for this road project was to cross the Eurasian continent, pass through Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries, and eventually lead to the European Union countries. It is an east-west road. In this way, the economic and trade cooperation between Russia and the countries along the route and the EU will be further deepened.

However, after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, it is obvious that this plan cannot be continued. The United States and European countries are vigorously sanctioning Russia. At this time, it is very likely that this road project will stumble. The Meridian Highway project is independently funded and constructed by the Russian side. Only when the project is carried out smoothly can the Russian side's economic benefits be ensured. But once it is hindered by the US and European countries, it will cause a major blow to the Russian economy.

China, Russia and Iran form an iron triangle

At such a critical moment, the Russian side made a major decision, that is, to change the original plan and change this east-west road into a north-south road. The EU is no longer the destination of this road. The road will eventually lead to Iran. Obviously, the meridian highway project after the planned change will further connect the three countries of China, Russia and Iran, making the three countries form an iron triangle, so that the economic and trade relations between them will be further deepened, which will make the relationship between the countries more intimate. .

At this time, Europe also realized that something was wrong, which seems to mean that Russia has gradually shifted its attention to Asia, and has to think of the reminder issued by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger not long ago that Russia may completely leave Europe and join Asia. This time, the rerouting of important roads seems to be confirming this.

Russia also had fantasies and expectations for Europe and tried to coexist peacefully with European countries. However, such a goal was not achieved. European countries followed the United States and regarded Russia as a long-term opponent. At the economic level, sanctions have also been imposed on Russia. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict that broke out now also has the "credit" of the United States and Western countries in it. Although Russia has a greater advantage in this war, it has a huge impact on Russia. It can be said that this war has completely awakened Russia, and it no longer has any expectations for the United States and Western countries.

Putin agrees to China-Kyrgyzstan-Ukraine railway project

After Russia turned its eyes to the east, Putin also made another big decision, which is good news for our country, which has even been waiting for decades. The "China-Kyrgyzstan-Ukraine Railway" project is a cooperation project between China and Central Asian countries. Although Sino-Russian relations are very friendly, the country is still worried about China's expansion of influence in Central Asia, so it has always disagreed with this railway. construction of the project.

In the face of the Russian side's concerns, we fully understand that, for so many years, this project has been shelved. But now, Putin has finally let go of his grudges, which will play a more positive role in the development of Sino-Russian relations.

Today, the construction of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Ukraine Railway Project and the Meridian Highway Project will further connect the major countries in the Asian continent, and the economic and trade costs in the region will also be greatly reduced. This is naturally bad news for the United States and Western countries. Next, the United States and Western countries will be even more unable to contain Russia's economic development, and hegemonism will frequently hit a wall in Asia. Editor / Zhao E