Wuxin double-boom rock drilling rig assists Yilai high-speed construction

Seetao 2022-06-28 10:14
  • Wuxin double-boom rock drilling rig is suitable for a variety of construction methods and has been used in many construction sites
  • Wuxin double-boom rock drilling rig has the characteristics of high efficiency, high safety performance, low energy consumption, simple and easy to learn, etc., and is well received by customers
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In my country's tunnel excavation, due to the complex surrounding rock and the changeable excavation methods, one rock drilling rig is required to be suitable for various construction methods such as full-section, step method, CD method, etc., while the existing straight arm rock drilling platform The car is difficult to adapt to a variety of construction methods. In response to this construction difficulty, Wuxin Tunnel developed a double-boom rock drilling rig suitable for various construction methods in June 2021. It has been used in Guizhou, Chongqing, Gansu and other construction sites across the country, and has been well received. .

Recently, the Wuxin Tunnel-equipped double-boom rock drilling rig arrived at the project department of the Yichang section of Yilai Expressway for construction, helping the Railway Construction Bridge Bureau to excavate 6 openings including the exit of Houhe Tunnel, the entrance of Mofangping Tunnel, and the Jianda Tunnel, ahead of the pipe shed. , Locking anchors, system anchors, and excavation, with a total length of more than 7,000 meters.

tunnel entrance perspective

Yilai Expressway, from Yichang Yidu to Enshi Laifeng, has a bridge-to-tunnel ratio as high as 78%. It is invested and constructed by Hubei Communications Investment Group, with a total length of 187.7 kilometers and a total investment of about 30.3 billion yuan. At present, the Xuanhe section has been completed and opened to traffic, and the eastern section of Hefeng and the Yichang section are under construction. It is expected that the entire line will be completed and opened to traffic in 2024.

The construction geological environment of Mofangping Tunnel is karst landform, the surrounding rock is reinforced at level 4, there are bad cave geology, and the terrain is dangerous, and the construction site and construction access roads are very limited. During the construction process, the project department needs to solve problems such as limited site and karst cave treatment, high technical requirements, high safety risks, large amount of access roads and difficult construction.

Mofangping Tunnel

The Houhe Tunnel has a total length of more than 2,000 meters and is a long tunnel. The rock mass in the area is relatively fragmented, the local structural fissures have large karst water and water volume, and the geological conditions are poor. During the tunnel excavation construction, it may be necessary to overcome geological disasters such as the drop of the vault, the inrush of water and mud, the subsidence of the surface, and the backflow of rainwater.

Houhe Tunnel

During the construction period, the Wuxin after-sales service team adhered to the service concept of creating value for customers, stood by the construction site 24 hours a day, paid attention to the use of equipment at all times, guided the customer operators by hand, and solved the use problems encountered on site in a timely manner. After a period of running-in, the current equipment can complete a tunnel face drilling and blasting construction within 2 hours, and it only takes one minute to excavate a single hole of 4.5 meters, which has been highly recognized by customers.

Site construction drawing of double crank rock drilling rig

Main advantages of equipment

Wide range of construction methods: one set can meet the construction requirements of various construction methods, three steps, two steps, and the whole section can be applied, which greatly improves the applicability of the rock drilling rig.

High efficiency: it only takes less than 1 minute for a single hole 4 meters.

Simple and easy to learn: remote control operation, the operator can easily learn it in 30 days.

The amount of over and under excavation is small: the drilling situation can be observed at close range, and the over and under excavation is controlled within 20 cm.

High safety: Only 2 people are needed to operate, which greatly reduces the number of people working on the palm surface and provides safety for personnel.

Low energy consumption: The installed capacity of the whole machine is 130kw, which does not require the cooperation of the air compressor, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced.  Editor/Zhao E