China Construction Third Engineering Bureau creates a stage for young people

Seetao 2022-06-28 10:48
  • The team members of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Malaysia Company come from all over the world and an international team
  • The employees expressed their gratitude to the platform of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau and will create more logo projects in the future
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"I am very happy to work here, and it has strengthened my dream of taking root and developing in a Chinese-funded enterprise." said Bude, a foreign employee of the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Malaysia Company. As an architect, the platform of a Chinese-funded enterprise allows him to participate in multiple The construction of the Belt and Road project has realized its dream.

Bude, 37, is from Syria. After the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011, he had to go to Saudi Arabia after graduating from university. He was admitted to the University of Malaya in 2019, and later entered the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Malaysia Company. After several years of study and training, he has become a BIM engineer.

Bud's father is also an architect. He has traveled to Guangzhou, China many times to participate in trade fairs in the field of building materials. Whenever he hears his father's story about his business trip to China, Bud is yearning for it. After joining the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Malaysia Company, the cultural atmosphere here made him more firm in his dream of developing in a Chinese-funded enterprise.

"The working atmosphere here is very good, I really like to communicate and work with my Chinese colleagues, because their work attitude is very serious and professional. In my opinion, Chinese colleagues are work-centered, task-oriented partners. Yes For me, working with Chinese colleagues is smooth and efficient."

In particular, the Chinese "master" took the process of making plans together, communicating with customers, and finally solving problems, which made Bude very touched. He said: "A big project will always face various difficulties. My Chinese 'master' led us to discuss with the client and finally came up with a practical, efficient and cost-effective solution. This experience has strengthened the My ability gives me a sense of accomplishment. This opportunity allows me to achieve personal growth as soon as possible.”

According to Wenwen, the project chief engineer of the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau in Malaysia, this technical team belongs to a multi-national and multi-ethnic team. Among the 17-member team, 3 are Chinese, and the rest are employees of Malaysian or other nationalities. It is a very international team. team.

"Because of national cultural differences, the team's cooperation at the beginning was not as tacit as it is now. During the collaboration, 'sparks' often collided, and the debate to achieve the best technical standards was red. Now, after three years of running-in, the team has The cooperation has been seamless, and a strong fighting force has been condensed." Wen Wen said. "We always adhere to the concept of 'cultural integration, making the best use of talents, superb technology, and first-class service'. Foreign employees also agree with it." Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative, Belt and Road News, Belt and Road Project

Omran, also from Syria, is also a member of Wenwen's team. Talking about his work experience here, he is full of gratitude. "I am honored to share my knowledge and gain experience with employees from various countries. The company has provided us with a platform to display our individual abilities, and I hope to collaborate with the team in the future to make on-site construction more accessible through new technologies such as 3D, 4D, and 5D. Efficient and more iconic projects.”Editor/XuNing