Welcome to the BRICS family! Iran, Argentina apply for BRICS membership

Seetao 2022-06-28 16:37
  • The BRICS countries constitute a powerful platform to discuss and implement the future agenda which will lead to a better and fairer era
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On June 27, 2022, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it had applied to join the BRICS. As one of the BRICS countries, the Russian Foreign Ministry not only confirmed Iran's application, but also added the name of another country. Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman Zakharova wrote that Argentina and Iran have applied to join the BRICS as the White House ponders what to cut off, ban or disrupt in the world.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Khatibzad said Tehran had applied to join the BRICS. Iran has submitted an application to join the BRICS and has held a series of consultations. The BRICS countries are built on a very creative mechanism and involve a wide range of aspects. It is hoped that the participation of Iran will bring added value to both sides.

On June 24, 2022, Iranian President Raisi said at the BRICS Business Forum that Iran is willing to share its huge capabilities and potential to help the BRICS countries achieve their goals. On the same day, when Argentine President Fernandez attended the high-level dialogue on global development by video, he also expressed his desire to join the BRICS cooperation mechanism. Argentina hopes to officially become a member of the BRICS countries and make contributions to it. Fernandez said in a video speech that we are honored to be invited to participate in this enlarged meeting of the BRICS summit. The BRICS countries cover 42% of the world's population and account for 24% of the global GDP. We aspire to be a full member of the BRICS countries.

The BRICS cooperation mechanism was established in 2009 by China, Russia, Brazil and India. Since South Africa joined in 2011, the mechanism has not continued to attract new members. As early as 2015, former Argentine President Cristina Cristina once said that the BRICS countries should further expand their membership and attract other developing countries to join, and Argentina hopes to join them.

The possibility of Argentina joining the BRICS has been discussed for more than a decade. This is not the first time that the Argentine president has participated in the BRICS summit. There were also the South African summit in 2018, the Brazil summit in 2014, and an invitation from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Following the Argentine President's visit to Russia and China in early 2022, and the Foreign Minister's visit to India, the Argentine government has once again put forward the idea of formally joining the BRICS. However, Patricio Giusto, executive chairman of the China-Argentina Strategic Cooperation Observatory, said, "I don't currently think it is feasible for Argentina to become a full member of the BRICS countries, except that Argentina has received an invitation from China. , because it would break the founding spirit of the organization, which was to be represented by the most important emerging nations on all continents.”

Sergio Skobalski, an expert on international relations and global affairs, pointed out that for Argentina to formally join the BRICS, it not only needs the full consensus of all member states, but also needs to go through a complex administrative and diplomatic process.

Attitudes of Chinese Diplomats

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said this is a very important issue. I just introduced the relevant situation of State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi chairing the video meeting of the BRICS foreign ministers. All the foreign ministers at the meeting believed that the strength of the BRICS comes from its diversity and representation. Since its establishment, the Bricks cooperation mechanism has been closely linked with the fate of the vast number of emerging markets and developing countries. At the BRICS Foreign Ministers' Meeting, all parties reached an agreement to support the promotion of the BRICS membership expansion process, which fully demonstrates that BRICS cooperation is open and inclusive, and that BRICS countries are committed to working with other emerging markets and developing countries. With deepening cooperation, the attractiveness of the BRICS mechanism is on the rise. The BRICS countries will continue to expand solidarity and cooperation with emerging markets and developing countries to safeguard common development interests and space.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin then responded to the question of the expansion of the BRICS cooperation mechanism, saying that the BRICS countries are an important cooperation mechanism between emerging markets and developing countries, as well as an important platform for South-South cooperation. power and attractiveness. Since its establishment, the BRICS mechanism has been closely linked with the fate of the vast number of emerging markets and developing countries. The New Development Bank has achieved its first expansion, and will provide financial support for the development of more developing countries, and will also enhance the bank's voice and influence in the international financial system.

Wang Wenbin also pointed out that in the face of a century of changes, a century of epidemics, and international hotspots, the BRICS countries agreed to strengthen cooperation with other emerging markets and developing countries, and further enhance the representativeness of the BRICS mechanism. We should make a louder "BRICS voice" on and regional issues, join hands to meet challenges, and safeguard the common interests and development space of emerging markets and developing countries.

Wang Wenbin emphasized that, as the BRICS chair country this year, China actively supports the BRICS countries to start the process of membership expansion and expand the "BRICS+" cooperation. During the BRICS leaders' meeting held yesterday, the leaders of the five countries agreed to continue the "BRICS+" cooperation and promote the BRICS expansion process. The relevant consensus is also reflected in the "BRICS Leaders XIV" in the Beijing Declaration of the Second Meeting. China will push all BRICS parties to continue in-depth discussions on membership expansion, formulate standards and procedures for membership expansion on the basis of consensus, and expect more like-minded partners to join the BRICS family.Editor/XingWentao