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Sany Heavy Energy won the bid for Tibet wind power project

Seetao 2022-06-28 19:36
  • This project will help Sany develop high-altitude market precipitation technology
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Recently, the Three Gorges Tibet Shannan Cuomizhe ancient wind power project opened the bid: Sany Heavy Energy won the bid for the second bid section. The project in this tender section will all use the large-megawatt wind turbines of Sany Heavy Energy's plateau type. Sany Heavy Energy entered the Tibetan wind power market for the first time, adding a new "puzzle" to the national market map.

The Three Gorges Tibet Shannan Cuomizhe Ancient Wind Power Project is located in the central part of Cuomei County and the southern part of Zhegu Town, Shannan City, Tibet. The straight-line distance from Cuomei County is about 23km. The landform is dominated by plateau wasteland and bare ground. The height is between 5000-5065m.

In recent years, Sany Heavy Energy has continued to increase investment in research and development, and its technical strength and level have been greatly improved; adhering to the technological trend of "high, large, long, light, and intelligent", it has created high-quality wind power products. It has also accumulated sufficient technical strength in high-altitude wind turbines and wind farms, providing a strong backing for developing the high-altitude wind power market.Editor/XuNing