Green fast lane! Zouping freight railway line officially opened for operation

Seetao 2022-06-29 10:40
  • The Zouping freight railway line has a total length of 28.22 kilometers and is a national class I double-track electrified railway
  • The total investment of the Zouping freight railway project is about 6.2 billion yuan, and the long-term annual freight transportation capacity can reach 36.7 million tons
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On the morning of June 28, 2022, the first freight train loaded with bauxite and steel left the Zouping railway freight yard. The Zouping freight railway dedicated to the investment and construction of China Railway Third Bureau was officially opened to traffic, and the logistics and transportation of Zouping and surrounding cities are really advanced. Into the "green fast lane"

As the first PPP project in the field of railway transportation in Zouping, Zouping Freight Railway Special Line is jointly invested, constructed and operated by private capital parties and local governments composed of China Railway Third Bureau and other units. The innovative practice of winning can effectively promote the optimization and transformation of the industrial structure of enterprises.

The project starts from Zhoucun Station of Jiaoji Railway and ends at Zouping Development Zone Logistics Station, with a total length of 28.22 kilometers. It is a national-level double-track electrified railway with a total investment of about 6.2 billion yuan and a long-term annual freight transportation capacity of 36.7 million tons. . The main construction tasks undertaken by China Railway Third Bureau include: 31 bridges and culverts, 11.43 kilometers of road base station area, 1 new Dinggong station, 1 rebuilt Zhoucun station, new Gaowang and Guchengcun line stations, and T beams on the whole line and track laying works.

The construction of beams across Jiaoji Railway on Zouping Freight Railway was successfully completed

In order to ensure the construction safety of the existing lines, the project department earnestly implements the safety production management policy of "safety first, prevention first", coordinating the overall situation, taking multiple measures, establishing a three-dimensional safety protection system, setting up a solid barrier for site safety, and actively promoting various construction projects. The smooth realization of the node.

"We combined the leadership team's guarantee responsibility system, the operation team leadership team system and the management department's on-site inspection system, adhered to the daily supervision and inspection of safety and the investigation of potential safety hazards, established a problem database for the problems found, repeated inspection and implementation, and achieved management. A section, a safe section." Zhang Hua, chief engineer of the project headquarters of the China Railway Third Bureau, introduced.

Group photo of builders of Sanju Road

Faced with the problems of laying switch beams, small-radius curves, large ramps, upper-span and lower-crossing business lines, etc., the project department intensified technical research, and combined with the construction site conditions, compiled the "Special Plan for Small Curves and Large Ramps" to transform , Upgrading part of the structure of the bridge crane, optimizing the transportation, hoisting and meeting plan, and successively completed the construction of the low-level beams of the Jiqing-Qingdao high-speed railway, the erection of the 20m switch beams, the pier top-shift beams, and the upper-span Jiaoji railway beams, which are difficult and safe. The high construction work effectively solved the construction bottleneck and demonstrated the style of the iron army of the three bureaus.

It is understood that the Zouping Freight Railway Dedicated Line has completely unbundled the single road freight mode in the past, greatly reducing the logistics transportation cost and dust pollution in the areas along the line, effectively promoting the stable transformation and upgrading of the local economy, and is of great significance to the green and sustainable development of the city.  Editor/Zhao E