On the Tobzit Bridge on the Tangbao Railway, 5 railwaymen transformed the bridge

Seetao 2022-06-29 10:53
  • The painters of the railway bridge carry brushes, rollers, etc. to paint in time to prevent rust and update the logo
  • Hohhot is cold in winter and rainy in flood season. The working time is only two months in late spring and early summer
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On the morning of June 27, 2022, under the Taubqite Bridge of the Tangbao Railway on the Dahei River in Hohhot City, paint buckets of five colors were scattered on the ground. A small team of five railwaymen, Facing the bridge guardrail carefully "painting".

They are bridge and tunnel workers in the Taobuqi Bridge and Tunnel Work Area of the Taobuqi Road and Bridge Workshop of the Hohhot Public Works Section of China Railway Hohhot Bureau Group Co., Ltd. There are 14 employees in the whole work area, who are responsible for the safety of the train running environment along the Beijing-Baotou Railway, the Beijing-Baotou Line and the Tangbao Line, a total of 70 kilometers, and the maintenance and repair of 181 bridges and culverts.

The line in the workshop pipe passes through Yinshan Mountain, with continuous peaks on one side and flat terrain on the other side. In case of heavy rain, mountain torrents will strike, and the flood control pressure will be great.

Wind, sun, freezing and rain, safety protection facilities such as limited viaducts and bridge railings are easy to rust, and identification marks such as railway emergency telephones and flood prevention scales are also easy to blur and fall off. At this time, the bridge and tunnel workers "changed themselves" into "painters", and timely painted to prevent rust and update the logo.

Guardrails installed on both sides of the bridge. It can provide protection and safety for the staff inspecting the bridge.

Identification marks for measuring the depth of the water table under railway bridges. During the flood season, mountain torrents struck, the water depth under the railway bridge was unknown, and personnel could not approach for inspection. It was necessary to use a telescope to stand at a distance and observe the water ruler to grasp the water depth and water level.

A portal frame set at the entrance of railway bridges and culverts. According to the limited height, it can prevent the vehicles passing through the railway crossing the public lot from hitting the railway bridge and culvert equipment and affecting the safety of railway operation.

It is printed on the surrounding villages and towns along the railway line. When there is a sudden danger during the flood season, the nearby residents can take this to notify the relevant railway departments in time.

The combination of black and yellow on the overhead limit, the red and white water scale... Different projects require different paints and tools. Every time they go out to work, the "painters" carry "eighteen weapons", a bag full of brushes, line pens, rollers, plumb bobs, steel rulers, fonts, etc., paints of various colors, a bucket of heavy Up to 20 kilograms, and relatively light ones are also 5 kilograms.

The area under the jurisdiction of the bridge and tunnel construction area is multi-line and long, and each location that needs to be operated is far apart. They can only keep running along the railway line with tools and materials.

The water ruler should be brushed under the dark and damp bridge, where the air flow is poor, and the paint smell is strong and pungent; when painting the bridge railings, they need to wear seat belts for high-altitude work, the wind is blowing, and the paint on the brush is also dirty. Drifting away with the wind, after a few homework, a work uniform becomes a "camouflage uniform".

Painting is not done once and for all. Metal equipment needs to be painted every 3 to 6 years, and identification marks need to be updated every year. The grasslands outside the Great Wall have four distinct seasons. The weather is cold in winter and rainy in the flood season. The working time is only two months in the late spring and early summer.

In order to complete the painting task in a limited time, the railway "painters" have a long-term perspective, comprehensively combing and analyzing the quantity and categories of the equipment under their jurisdiction, and staggering the peaks year by year according to the oiling shelf life in batches and batches to ensure that the tasks are on schedule and of high quality. Finish.

Over the past few days, "painters" have climbed the sky and drilled bridge holes. They have painted bridge railings of 1,800 meters, limited to 8 elevated bridges, 42 railway emergency telephone signs, and 28 water scales. They are ready for the flood season and fully guard the arterial transportation. Safe and smooth. Editor/He Yuting