Qingxi Reservoir Project in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province officially started

Seetao 2022-06-29 11:27
  • The total storage capacity of the Qingxi Reservoir project is 85.11 million cubic meters, and the construction period is 4 years
  • After the completion of the Qingxi Reservoir project, the flood control capacity of the Qingxi River Basin will be further improved
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On June 28, 2022, in Liaoche Village, Sangzhou Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, the Qingxi Reservoir project, a national key water conservancy infrastructure project, officially started.

Qingxi Reservoir Project

It is reported that the Qingxi River Basin belongs to two cities (Ningbo, Taizhou) and three counties (Ninghai, Tiantai, Sanmen). The reservoir area involves two townships, Ninghai Sangzhou and Tiantai Yongxi. , approved the estimated total investment of 5.33 billion yuan, construction period of 4 years. After completion, it will provide strong water security, water resources and water ecological support to ensure the high-quality development of southern Ningbo and promote the integration of Yong-Taiwan.

In response to the difficulties in the preliminary work of the project, the Qingxi Reservoir Construction Headquarters of Ninghai County established a three-color single-step difficulty-breaking mechanism, and strived to keep the problem overnight. So far, a total of 62 consultations have been held, and more than 300 difficult problems such as price assessment, transitional resettlement, and land loss protection have been resolved to ensure that the construction starts without hindrance. The main person in charge of the Ninghai County Party Committee introduced that the Qingxi Reservoir was regarded as a battlefield for tempering the first-class style, as the first tough battle for the new team to win the exam. With the understanding and support of the people in the reservoir area, it only took 12 days to complete the 100% contract for the first construction block.

In the next step, Ninghai will vigorously implement the water conservancy project of 10 billion yuan and four lines. Among them, building a lifeline for flood control and disaster reduction will speed up the construction of the 59.2-kilometer seawall Anlan project, flood control and drainage in six major areas, and complete the dynamic clearing of dangerous mountain and pond reservoirs. The construction of water supply guarantee supply lines will accelerate the promotion of new reconstruction projects such as Qingxi Reservoir and Xixi Reservoir, with an additional storage capacity of more than 120 million cubic meters. In addition, build a quality line of happy water conservancy, make every effort to promote the creation of 38 beautiful rivers and lakes, the construction of 12 happy water conservancy areas, and the comprehensive improvement of 31 rural water systems to create a happy water network that integrates functions such as water conservancy safety, ecological leisure, and human landscape. Build an efficient management intelligence line, speed up the construction of systems such as IoT perception, intelligent supervision, and intelligent decision-making, and effectively improve the ability of intelligent management of water conservancy. Editor/He Yuting