Gansu Hydropower Engineering Bureau signed a contract for the ski resort project

Seetao 2022-06-29 15:03
  • The project has the characteristics of complex content, many professional categories, tight schedule and heavy tasks
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On June 27, 2022, the signing ceremony of the supporting facilities construction project of the Langshan Ski Resort in Qinghe County, Xinjiang, by Gansu Provincial Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. was held in Yining City, Xinjiang. Lu Jianhua, the company's deputy general manager, attended the signing ceremony. Signed a contract with Qinghe County Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau for the Qinghe County Langshan International Ski Resort construction project of 300 million yuan.

The construction content of the supporting facilities construction project of Langshan Ski Resort in Qinghe County, Xinjiang mainly includes snowmaking pipelines, scenic water supply pipelines and supporting facilities, system construction engineering, skiing engineering, ski resort cable cars, scenic area power supply pipelines and supporting facilities and other supporting foundations Facility engineering, the project has the characteristics of complex content, involving many professional categories, tight schedule, and heavy tasks.

The implementation of this project marks that the company has made new breakthroughs in the original main construction business such as water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, highway engineering construction, electromechanical installation and construction, municipal highway engineering construction, etc., enabling the company to expand into new fields Pioneering achievements have been made in the industry. Keywords: engineering news, engineering construction information

The successful signing of this contract has enabled the company to achieve new achievements in the development of Xinjiang's culture and tourism fields, and at the same time, it has provided a strong guarantee for the company's sustainable and stable development in the Xinjiang market. Editor / Zhao E