The Belt and Road Humanities: Bearing the Wind and Rain and Growing Together

Seetao 2022-06-30 09:13
  • Huang Yijun is from Indonesia, and his development opportunity in China comes from the 82nd Canton Fair
  • Made his fortune at the Canton Fair, and now Huang Yijun's industry has spread all over Indonesia
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In the autumn of 1996, Huang Yijun, an Indonesian Chinese businessman who was originally from Guangdong, came to Guangzhou to attend the Canton Fair, which has the reputation of "China's No. 1 Exhibition". Since then, he has forged an indissoluble bond with China.

In 1997, the Asian financial crisis swept across Southeast Asia. Dark clouds overwhelm the environment, dark tides surging. As one of the four tigers in Asia at that time, the stock market in Indonesia plummeted, the exchange rate between the Indonesian rupiah and the US dollar fell fourfold, companies closed down one after another, thousands of workers lost their jobs, and panic and panic spread rapidly in the market. The Changyou Group founded by Huang Yijun is also in a crisis vortex, the supply chain is broken, and it can no longer support it.

Canton Fair Brings Hope

At the critical moment of life and death, Huang Yijun thought of the Canton Fair. At that time, the 82nd Canton Fair was about to be held, and he quickly organized the company's elite soldiers to sign up to participate. The Canton Fair was very popular and was not affected by the financial turmoil. The buyers of Changyou Group were delighted to see tens of thousands of high-quality Chinese companies and countless high-quality Chinese products.

Relying on the reliable partners met at the Canton Fair, Changyou Group has a stable supply of goods, excellent product quality, and high cost performance, and has been able to survive the crisis smoothly. Later, Huang Yijun sighed on many occasions: "It was the Canton Fair that helped Changyou Group tide over the difficulties!"

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world, consisting of 17,508 islands, known as the "land of a thousand islands". Due to the barrier of the ocean, the residents living on the remote islands have relatively inconvenient transportation, and their living environment is relatively backward. Agricultural irrigation, production, and daily water and electricity consumption are all problematic.

Huang Yijun, who was born and raised in Indonesia, is very familiar with the living environment of the local people. He wants to do his best to help the local people improve their living conditions and expand the market scope of Changyou Group. At the Canton Fair, buyers from Changyou Group found some mechanical and electrical products that meet the needs of island life. Through extensive contacts and field visits, they finally selected exhibitors from Jiangsu and Zhejiang as suppliers of pumps and small generators.

These products are small in size, high in power, good in performance, and most importantly, they are reasonably priced and easy to carry. Using a pump made in China, the local residents said with a smile: "Now in the dry season, there is no need to worry about the crops running out of water for irrigation, and the harvest is guaranteed."

Relying on the Canton Fair to make a fortune

In the past, the local electricity was insufficient, and there were frequent power outages during peak electricity consumption. Today, children in the village also compare each other to see who bought the generator imported from China. Because of the generator, you are no longer afraid of sudden power outages, and the fan at home can be activated at any time.

The daily consumer goods and mechanical and electrical products purchased from the Canton Fair are marketable, opening up a new market and helping Changyou Group continue to grow and develop. Today, in Jakarta, the capital, and even in the whole of Indonesia, the supermarket chain founded by Huang Yijun can be seen everywhere, and it has grown into a business empire with more than 300 stores and more than 25,000 employees in 27 major cities in Indonesia. Tens of thousands of commodities are circulated here every day, entering the daily life of thousands of households.Editor/XuNing