Zhang Hailin: Rise against the wind and achieve extraordinary careers

Seetao 2022-06-30 09:48
  • Zhang Hailin, the founder of Guizhou Ojuxin Hoisting Co., Ltd., demonstrated the responsibility of hoisting practitioner with his action
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In today's world, reducing carbon emissions has become a global consensus, and the construction of renewable energy has gradually become mainstream. Wind power has received unprecedented attention due to its low-carbon emission characteristics, and China's wind power construction has also achieved world-renowned achievements.

Great careers are often accomplished by people who do it. In the wave of wind power construction, a group of hoisting practitioners are fighting on the front line of construction, building up "windmills" with their youth and sweat, contributing to China's carbon neutrality cause, but also seizing opportunities. Realize the take-off of personal career. Zhang Hailin, the founder of Guizhou Oujuxin Hoisting Co., Ltd., is one of them.

Select Zhonglian and press the career accelerator button

Zhang Hailin, who has been in the hoisting industry for nearly 14 years, started out as a grass-roots operator, and has worked hard all the way to start a company and have a business of his own. In the field of wind power hoisting, Zhang Hailin and his team are highly praised by the owners for their professional, efficient and skilled work style. Ou Juxin hoisting has also become famous in the local hoisting circle and has established long-term relationships with Guizhou Power Construction, Shanghai Power Construction, Yunnan Thermal Power and other units. partnership. He, who has rich experience in the industry, knows the importance of a high-quality crane to his career. In order to better participate in the hoisting and construction of large-scale wind farms, he has always maintained close cooperation with Zoomlion.

"I am also an old customer of ZOOMLION! We have been using ZOOMLION crane equipment for our projects before, and I am very satisfied with the performance of ZOOMLION equipment." Zhang Hailin, who started as a front-line operator, is very interested in the optimization of lifting equipment. Inferior. "After using it for so long, my impression of Zoomlion's hoisting equipment is that it has strong lifting capacity, quick and easy disassembly and assembly, and never loses the chain at critical moments, which has helped us a lot."

In the construction of the Sanmenxia wind power construction project in 2021, the local rainy weather, which coincides with the "Tiangong is not beautiful", will last for nearly 30 days in three months, which makes the already insufficient construction period even more tense, and the continuous rainfall also makes the construction site muddy. The construction difficulty is greatly increased. In order to ensure the progress of the project, Zhang Hailin led his team to stand by in the mountains at all times, "seeing the needle" to rush the progress and the construction period during the weather window, relying on the superior hoisting efficiency and transition speed of Zoomlion's ZCC9800 crawler crane, and the weather, In a race against time, the hoisting task was finally completed as scheduled, so that all the wind turbines stood up among the mountains and mountains, and Zhang Hailin and his team won the praise of the construction unit.

"This project was quite difficult to complete." Zhang Hailin admitted frankly. Although it does not occupy the right time and place, thanks to the highly skilled and united hoisting team and the full support of Zoomlion's ZCC9800 crane equipment, the hoisting task has been successfully completed. With the booming wind power hoisting business, Zhang Hailin chose Zoomlion's "Aurora Green" without hesitation when considering adding hoisting equipment.

Follow the trend and climb to new heights of development

With the continuous expansion of the "Ou Juxin" hoisting business in the field of wind power hoisting, Zhang Hailin decided to attack with a more proactive strategy. In the middle of 2021, “Ou Juxin” hoisted and purchased three Zoomlion cranes, QUY800 truck crane, ZCC7200 and ZAT18000H753, which greatly improved the team’s large-tonnage hoisting and construction capacity. In the project, helping the team to complete the task has won unanimous praise from customers.

"In addition to the equipment that satisfies me, Zoomlion's after-sales service is also very good. After the new equipment was put into the project, Zoomlion arranged a professional service team to provide on-site guidance throughout the entire process to provide training and guidance for our drivers, which is what we can quickly complete. The guarantee of the project." Zhang Hailin said frankly that the reason why he always favors the lifting equipment of Zoomlion is that he is satisfied with its reliable quality and high-end quality, and secondly, the sincere and high-quality after-sales service of Zoomlion really helps him. came the value.

With the rapid development of his personal career, Zhang Hailin is also brewing a larger equipment expansion plan in the future. "We have been renting before, and in the future, we will have more procurement plans to build our own equipment library." Talking about the future, Zhang Hailin is full of ambition. . "No matter how it develops in the future, Zoomlion Crane Equipment will always be our first choice."

Drink water, think of the source, and get rich, don't forget Sangzi

Seize the opportunity of wind power construction and develop, and succeed because of the support of ZOOMLION. Zhang Hailin achieved a great career with his daring to think and fight and his down-to-earth spirit of hard work, making Guizhou Oujuxin a powerful and influential hoisting enterprise in the local area. In addition to his successful career, he still did not forget to give back to Sang Zi.

In March 2022, Ou Juxin Hoisting and Zoomlion launched a donation activity with the theme of "Love School Uniforms, Safe Little Red Riding Hood" to Guiyang Mountain Primary School. The company sent living materials such as school uniforms and Little Red Riding Hood to the students in the mountainous areas, giving them hope and encouragement.

While enthusiastic about public welfare, Ou Juxin Hoisting also insists on hiring local workers, directly creating more than 100 jobs, and making outstanding contributions to the poverty alleviation of hometown compatriots. "Giving back to the society and serving the country is the purpose of our company and my personal ideal." Along the way, Zhang Hailin has never forgotten his original intention, and he has also shown his responsibility at the level of social responsibility.

God helps those who help themselves. Zhang Hailin, who seized the opportunity of development of the times, made the best interpretation of this by relying on his unremitting efforts to forge ahead to achieve his current career. In front of his eyes, the grand career blueprint in his heart is slowly unfolding; in the future, with Zoomlion lifting equipment as his company, Zhang Hailin will lead his team to a better future. Editor / Xu Shengpeng