2100MW! Two new pumped-storage power stations will be built in Bazhou, Xinjiang

Seetao 2022-06-30 14:49
  • Hejing Pumped Storage Power Station has an initial installed capacity of 2100MW and an initial rated water head of 636m
  • After the power station is completed, it will supply power to the Xinjiang power grid, and it is estimated that it can be operated with a photovoltaic power station with a total scale of 8,000MW
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Recently, the pre-feasibility study review meeting of the National Energy Group, the static pumped-storage power station and the Gunhabqile hydropower station was held in Korla, Xinjiang. The pre-feasibility study report marks a key step in the preliminary work of the project.

Xinjiang Hejing Pumped Storage Power Station is a key implementation project of the 14th Five-Year Plan of the National Pumped Storage Medium and Long-term Development Plan. The power station is located about 83km southeast of Hejing County, Bazhou. The pivot project is composed of upper reservoir, lower reservoir, water delivery system, underground powerhouse and switch station, etc. The distance-to-height ratio of the power station is 2.61. The maximum dam height of the Upper Reservoir is 63.0m, with an adjusted storage capacity of 10.67 million m3. The lower reservoir is shared with the Gunhabqile Hydropower Station. The initial installed capacity of the power station is 2100MW, and the initial rated water head is 636m. After the power station is completed, it will supply power to the Xinjiang power grid and mainly serve new energy consumption. It is estimated that it can be operated with a photovoltaic power station with a total scale of 8,000MW. Gunhabqile Hydropower Station is the fourth-level power station in the Kaidu River hydropower plan. The pivot project consists of a dam, a spill tunnel, a spill tunnel and a diversion power generation system. The total storage capacity of the hydropower station reservoir is 109.7 million m3, the maximum dam height is 124 m, the initial installed capacity is 257 MW, and the designed average annual power generation is 964 million kWh.

Before the meeting, the review team conducted an on-site investigation of the dam sites, reservoir basins, powerhouses and comparative dam sites of the upper and lower reservoirs of the Hejing Pumped Storage Power Station, and had a detailed understanding of the site geological conditions and core conditions. At the meeting, the review experts listened to the introduction of the main content and achievements of the report by the design unit, and discussed and reviewed the eight professional groups of planning, hydraulic engineering, construction, geology, electromechanical, environmental protection, reservoir and cost, and proposed work to supplement and improve the report. opinions, and issued a systematic review meeting minutes, laying an important foundation for the next stage of high-quality, high-speed project feasibility study and other preliminary work. The meeting believed that the report content and work depth basically met the requirements of the preparation rules for the hydropower project pre-feasibility study report, and basically agreed with this report.

It is reported that the total static investment of the two projects of the integrated development of Hejing Pumped Storage Power Station and Gunhabqile Hydropower Station is about 14.8 billion yuan. The basic approval of the pre-feasibility study review of the two projects will also lay a solid foundation for accelerating the project feasibility study and realizing the project approval and commencement at an early date.Editor/Zhao E