$2.26 billion! Saudi Arabia to launch 93 utility infrastructure projects

Seetao 2022-07-01 11:12
  • The key areas of the Saudi utility project launch are the environment, water and agricultural systems
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Saudi Arabia has announced plans to launch 93 projects, mostly related to the development of the kingdom's utility infrastructure, with an investment of $2.26 billion.

The projects are primarily aimed at boosting the region's environment, water and agricultural systems, according to senior government officials. They added that they will be implemented by the Brine Conversion Company, the National Water Company and the National Center for Vegetation Cover and Desertification Control in coordination with the Saudi Deputy Minister of Water.

They emphasized that these projects will support water and environmental sustainability and improve operational efficiency in water transportation and distribution. Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, governor of the Riyadh region, will officially launch the 93 projects at a special ceremony in the kingdom's capital on June 30. Keywords: engineering news, overseas news

In October 2021, Cummins Arabia and SWCC announced plans to develop a hydrogen plant in Saudi Arabia, and in March 2022, East Pipes signed a $132 million steel pipe contract with SWCC for a desalination project in the country. In May, a consortium led by Engie said it broke ground on a new sustainable desalination plant in the kingdom.Editor/XingWentao