196 meters! Sichuan Jinyang River Bridge opens to traffic

Seetao 2022-07-01 11:41
  • Bridge builders continue to overcome problems such as structural design of continuous rigid-frame bridges with ultra-high piers
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On June 30, 2022, after nearly five years of hard work, the Lianxin Bridge of the Three Gorges of Jinyang River in Jinyang County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan was officially opened to traffic. The Jinyang River Bridge spans the deep incised valley of the Jinyang River and is constructed by SCBG, a subsidiary of Shudao Group.

The world's tallest pier

The Jinyang River Super Bridge has a total length of 800 meters, of which the bridge is 757.7 meters long and the approach road is 42.3 meters long. It is a continuous rigid-frame bridge with a maximum span of 200 meters and a bridge deck width of 16 meters. The pier is the highest in the world in the same type of concrete-filled steel tubular lattice hollow pier bridge.

Black technology blessing

The bridge has a high technological content, successfully applied for a number of new utility patents, and won the "Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Highway Construction Industry Association" and "Green Transportation Smart Innovation Award of China Communications Enterprise Management Association", and obtained national patents. 15 items. Among the many black technologies, the most hard-core is the self-climbing multi-function lifting system.

cultural heritage

The bridge guardrail map uses the Yi language of 17 counties and cities in Liangshan as the design element, and carries out the artistic design and creation of "symbol pictograph", which reflects the inheritance history of the ancient Yi "Shoudu" spirit and the culture of spreading branches and leaves and endless life.

After the bridge is opened to traffic, the distance between the old and new county towns will be shortened from the original one-hour drive to only a few minutes, meeting the requirements of urban development and the escape routes for people in the old county towns.Editor/Ma Xue