Won the bid for the Xingshan-Changyang section of Shiyan-Yichang Expressway

Seetao 2022-07-01 15:57
  • The main line mileage of the project is 72 kilometers, the roadbed width is 25.5 meters, and the total investment is 19.775 billion yuan
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On June 30, 2022, the Hubei Electronic Tendering and Bidding Trading Platform released the announcement of the results of the selection and evaluation of investors’ bid cooperation units for the Xingshan-Changyang section of the Shiyan-Yichang Expressway. The project is divided into 7 sections, and the 6th section does not Included in this selection, the project was won by 7 units including China Railway 11th Bureau and CCCC Second Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., with a total investment of about 19.775 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The starting point of the project route is located in Xiakou Town, Xingshan County. It intersects with Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway at about 2.3 kilometers west of Xingshan Interchange of Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway. A hub of Pingyikou is set up to connect with the Xingshan section of Shiyi Expressway to the north. The route goes southwest, passing through Baishuya and Wangjiaqiao, connecting Shuitianba at the north side of Shuitianba Township, passing through the west side of Shuitianba Township, crossing the Yangtze River at the east side of Xietan Township to the east side of Shazhenxi Township Set up Shazhen Creek Interconnection, cross the Tongzhuang River at Zhoujiaba, set up Guojiaba Interconnection via Shangheping to Hujiawan, the route passes through Baiyang Mountain, crosses the Xigou River, and ends at Tianjia on the west side of Jiuwanxi Town. Jiuwan River is set up in Ping, and Yanglin Bridge is set up in Xuetangping on the east side of Yanglinqiao Town. Cross the Yiwan Railway on Wuchangping, and cross the Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway about 5 kilometers west of the existing Hejiaping Interchange. 

The mileage of the main line of the project is about 72 kilometers, the roadbed width is 25.5 meters, the super bridge is 9189 meters/7, the bridge is 11628 meters/22, the middle and small bridges are 97 meters/1; the extra-long tunnel is 36201 meters/6, and the long tunnel is 7297 meters. /4; 10 passages and overpasses, 5 culverts; 8 interchangeable interchanges; 1 monitoring center, maintenance area, parking area, service area, and traffic police barracks are set up. The bridge-to-tunnel ratio is 89.44%. Keywords: engineering news, engineering construction, engineering construction information

Bidding Information

The first candidate for the SYXCTJ-1 tender section of the project was China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.; the first candidate for the SYXCTJ-2 tender section was the first candidate for the tender section of China Communications Second Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.; the SYXCTJ-3 tender section won the tender The first candidate is China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Co., Ltd.; the first candidate for the SYXCTJ-4 bid is China Railway 20th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.; the first candidate for the SYXCTJ-5 bid is China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group Co., Ltd.; SYXCTJ -Sichuan Highway and Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. was the first candidate to win the bid for Section 7. Congratulations to the winning bidder! Editor/Zhao E