Construction of key ecological projects in the Yangtze River Delta starts

Seetao 2022-07-02 09:19
  • It mainly focuses on the two major areas of ecological green and interconnection, with a total of 8 ecological green projects
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On June 30, 2022, the Executive Committee of the Yangtze River Delta Ecological Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone, together with Qingpu, Wujiang and Jiashan, held the groundbreaking ceremony for the key projects of the Chaoyong Pujiang Demonstration Zone Pilot Zone, and the Blue Ring Project of the Water Village Living Room (Qingpu and Wujiang Sections) ), 10 key projects including the first phase of the Jiangnan Polder Exhibition Park and the first phase of the Mulberry Fish Pond Exhibition Park have started construction. This is another batch of ecological green, interconnected key projects started construction after a batch of key projects started at the beginning of this year.

The 10 projects under construction in this demonstration zone have a total investment of about 5.07 billion yuan, mainly focusing on the two major areas of ecological green and interconnection. There are 8 ecological green projects (Blue Ring of Water Village Living Room, Jiangnan Polder Exhibition Park Phase I, Sangki Fish Pond Exhibition Garden Phase I, Yuandang Phase III, Blue Pearl Chain Phase I, Xiangfudang Ecological Restoration and Improvement Project, Weiming Environmental Protection Upgrading and Reconstruction Project, Zhuxiaohui Zero-Carbon Science and Technology Village Phase I); 2 projects (Reconstruction of Lili Bridge on Changhu-Shenzhen Line, Shanghai Section of G318 Huqingping Highway Fangting-Shuiyuan Section Reconstruction Project).

The blue ring project of the water town living room is about 30 kilometers long. The Qingpu section and Wujiang section, which are started this time, are the northern ring of the blue ring, with a total length of about 19 kilometers. Water Ecology, Water Environment, Water Landscape", focusing on the new achievements of water ecological governance in the living room of water towns and the new achievements of integrated system innovation.

The first phase of the Jiangnan Polder Exhibition Park covers an area of about 190 hectares. Through the construction of an ecological purification pond system, combined with the reduction and efficiency of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the construction of ecological irrigation ditches, it displays the ecological control and control technology of agricultural non-point source pollution linked with field and water, and presents a long-standing agricultural practice. And the polder cultural scene.

The first phase of the Mulberry Fish Pond Exhibition Park covers an area of about 222.15 hectares. It integrates modern ecological technology and traditional water management wisdom, promotes the realization of the strategic goal of sustainable, ecological, low-carbon and green development, and shows the world the idyllic water town culture in the south of the Yangtze River. Gene.

The Ecological Restoration and Functional Improvement (Phase III) project of Yuandang coastline has a total length of 3.1 kilometers. On the basis of the first and second phases jointly promoted by Qingpu and Wujiang, the third phase of construction will be fully launched this year, and Yuandang will be realized before the end of the year. The overall connection of the 23-kilometer coastline provides a vivid case for the comprehensive management of inter-regional river and lake water ecology and the improvement of waterfront landscape spatial functions, giving full play to the demonstration effect of integrated governance and joint protection and joint governance.

The Blue Pearl Chain Water Environment Comprehensive Management (Phase I) project focuses on the 4.2-kilometer area of Beiheng Port around Huawei Qingpu R&D Center. Through ecological restoration and landscape improvement, it promotes the integration of Huawei Qingpu R&D Center innovation space and ecological resources, and the industrial chain Integrate with the innovation chain, transform ecological advantages into development advantages, and help the construction of Xicen Science and Technology Innovation Center.

The Xiangfudang Ecological Restoration and Improvement Project includes three sub-projects: the water ecological improvement project of the surrounding waters of Xiangfudang, the Xiangfudang Wetland Park and the Xiangfudang Zhongxing Road Improvement Project. The comprehensive improvement of water quality, ecology and landscape, and the creation of a scientific and technological green valley supporting facilities will play a positive role as a model for an integrated leading area that attracts new economy with good scenery and builds a world-class waterfront living model.

The Weiming Environmental Protection Upgrading and Reconstruction Project is an upgrade and renovation project for the existing environmental protection facilities in the demonstration area. It strives to create a demonstration and garden-style environmental protection facility with international leading technology. After completion, it will comprehensively improve the process flue gas emission indicators and overall construction of the Jiashan Eco-Energy Power Generation Project. Landscape quality.

The reconstruction project of the Lili Bridge on the Changhu-Shenzhen Line has a total length of 1.59 kilometers. After the project is completed, the road traffic system in the demonstration area will be further optimized and improved to effectively connect the two banks of the Taipu River across Jiangsu and Zhejiang, so as to meet the needs of the masses for convenient travel and promote the flow of factors between regions. .

The total length of the G318 Huqingping Highway Fangting Shuiyuan Section is about 1.5 kilometers. Among them, the Shanghai section has a total length of about 624 meters, and the entire line is arranged in a two-way four-lane scale, a first-class highway with a design speed of 60 kilometers per hour. After the completion of the project, it will be connected to the Water Town Living Room Square Hall Water Court, Chuangzhi Engine, Kechuang Academy and other functional groups, providing important support for the construction of the core area of the Water Town Living Room.

Zhuxiaohui Zero Carbon Science and Technology Innovation Settlement (Phase I) is located in the core area of Xiangfudang Science and Technology Innovation Center, with a land area of 10,404.38 square meters.

Among these projects, the Yuandang Shoreline Ecological Restoration and Functional Improvement Project has completed the first and second phases of the project in accordance with the principle of "overall design and segmented implementation", and has formed the "six ones" (conspiracy for one project, It is based on this mechanism that Yuandang Shoreline has become a new cross-domain construction mechanism. It will be fully operational by the end of the year. For another example, the Blue Ring Project, as a cross-domain landmark project of the water town living room, follows a blueprint to manage the whole area, a set of standards to manage the quality, a main body to manage the development, a platform to manage the implementation, and an integrated system to manage the water town living room.” The five-community" mechanism is strictly implemented in accordance with the planning and construction of the water town living room, and unified construction standards are required in accordance with the planning and construction guidelines of the first start-up area. A new mode of ecological and green infrastructure engineering construction. In the process of project implementation, as a cross-domain project, the Executive Committee will set up the project in a unified manner. In the subsequent approval, the actual situation of the three places will be combined, and the classification will be promoted to form a new integrated approval path that combines centralization and subdivision. Editor / Xu Shengpeng