Hannover Fire Exhibition ended, Sany interprets hard power

Seetao 2022-07-02 16:03
  • With the world's leading complete set of fire rescue solutions, Sany has become the focus of attention at the exhibition site
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On June 25, 2022, the world-renowned international fire safety exhibition officially ended in Hannover, an important industrial city in Germany. As the world's largest and highest-standard firefighting exhibition, this year's Hannover Fair, which has been postponed for two years due to the epidemic, can be described as a long-awaited and highly anticipated return, attracting more than 1,500 exhibitors and more than 85,000 visitors from all over the world. Here, including Rosenbauer, Scania, SANY and other top international companies, is undoubtedly the highest stage for today's emergency equipment industry to display innovative achievements and seek business opportunities for cooperation. Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Messe Hannover, stated in an interview: "INTERSCHUTZ is not just an exhibition - it is also a shaper of sustainable safety architectures on a national and global scale."

At the event site, Sany Heavy Industry took the C position with its two most representative products, the 48m long span water tower fire truck  /28m forcible entry fire truck. With its refined and powerful star product lineup, cutting-edge technological innovations, and the world's leading complete set of fire rescue solutions, Sany "Red" has become the focus of attention at the exhibition site.

Fire fighting heroes, highlighting the quality of SANY

From the first day of the exhibition, the 451-square-meter outdoor exhibition area carefully built by Sany Heavy Industry has been a popular visitor. The international debut of the  48m long span water tower fire truck  /28m forcible entry fire truck attracted strong crowds from customers from Germany, Sweden, France and other countries and regions.

These two ace emergency equipment have given SANY's original equipment solution to the worldwide problem of "large-span building fire". Among them, Sany’s 48m long span water tower fire truck , 80-meter water cannon range, and six-section folding arms whose horizontal span exceeds that of traditional telescopic-arm fire trucks by 1.6 times to 1.9 times, can truly achieve “where to shoot” precision Putting out fires is known as a "firefighter" in the Chinese industry.

The 28m forcible entry fire truck with both fire-fighting and demolition functions is also a highlight of this exhibition. The industry pain point of rescue equipment with a single function; the ability to dismantle the rescue channel in the first time, effectively ensure the safety and timeliness of fire rescue, and solve the rescue problem in large enclosed spaces.

The appearance of the two heavyweight emergency equipment on the stage fully demonstrated to the world SANY's R&D and manufacturing strength in the field of emergency equipment, making the quality brand of "Made by SANY" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people at the exhibition. The internationalization process of emergency equipment has turned a new page.

Ingenuity and ingenuity, turning "crisis" into "opportunity"

Fire is known as the cancer of the city. Especially in recent years, the acceleration of global urbanization development has led to the rapid growth of large-scale factories, logistics warehouses and other closed and large-span space buildings, adding new problems to fire rescue, and fire emergency equipment has also ushered in. Unprecedented development opportunities. In this industry with great room for growth, Sany Heavy Industry is behind the latecomers. With a variety of innovative emergency rescue equipment pioneered and technologically advanced in the industry, it has established the brand image of Sany's high-end firefighting equipment. The world's first large-span high-spray fire truck and powerful demolition fire truck filled the gap in the industry and achieved good market response.

Now, taking advantage of the Belt and Road Initiative, the emergency equipment industry built by Sany Heavy Industry will further go abroad, provide strong equipment support for global fire emergency rescue, and contribute to the guardian force of "Sany Intelligent Manufacturing"!

Karl-Heinz Banse, then president of the German Fire Protection Association, mentioned in an interview: "In view of the current global instability, professional exchanges on topics such as population protection and disaster management and technological development are more important than ever."

Times make heroes. As a top enterprise in the global construction machinery industry, Sany Heavy Industry always adheres to the concept of "quality changes the world", and conforms to the development of the times to create a matrix of modern high-end emergency rescue equipment; "Red" has become the first choice for fire rescue in the world. Editor / Xu Shengpeng