All the planned lines of the third phase of Qingdao Metro started

Seetao 2022-07-04 09:14
  • The first phase of Metro Line 9 is 16.4 kilometers long, with 13 stations along the line
  • The second phase of Metro Line 6 has a total length of 13.9 kilometers and a total of 10 stations
  • After completion, the rail transit network around the bay in Qingdao will be improved
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On July 2, 2022, the ground-breaking ceremony of the first phase of Qingdao Metro Line 9 and the second phase of Line 6 was held at Haixicun Station of Line 9. So far, all the planned lines of the third phase of Qingdao Metro have started.

Metro Line 9 Phase I

The first phase of Line 9 is an east-west backbone line in the northern urban area of Qingdao. The stations are all located in Chengyang District, and interchange with 4 lines can promote the in-depth integration of Chengyang District and the central urban area of the east bank. The project starts from Haixi Village Station and ends at Qianjin Community Station. The total length of the line is 16.4 kilometers. There are 13 stations and Tieqishan Vehicle Base.

The first phase of Line 9 is laid along Jin'an Road, Zhengyang Road and Wangsha Road, and passes through the main east-west passenger flow corridors in Chengyang District. Travel efficiency; on the other hand, through transfer, you can quickly connect with the east bank urban area, promote the in-depth integration of Chengyang District and the east bank central urban area, accelerate the transformation and development of the central urban area of Chengyang District, and give full play to the function of the north bank central urban area. .

It is understood that part of the land along the first phase of Line 9 is newly added construction land, which is conducive to the implementation of TOD development, and drives the group-type development along the line with stations as the core, meeting the comprehensive needs of residents' housing and employment, and realizing "public transportation guides urban development." "Strategy to accelerate the creation of key urban areas, support the main city status of the North Shore City, realize the linkage of the three cities, and promote the integrated development of the region. The line is laid along the main road in the core area of Chengyang, filling the rail transit gap in the east-west passenger flow corridor.

Line 6 Phase II

The second phase of Line 6 is the backbone of the original Jiaonan urban area on the west coast. It connects the comprehensive transportation hub Qingdao West Railway Station and Line 13, which can deepen the close connection between the main urban area on the west coast and the peripheral areas. The project starts from Qingxi Station in the west and ends at Xintun Road Station, the starting point of the first phase of the project, with a total length of 13.9 kilometers and 10 stations.

The line is laid along the green axis Zhushan Road-Shuangzhu Road-Binhai Avenue in the Qingxi Transportation Business District, and runs through the West Coast Transportation Business District and the Ocean High-tech Zone, which can speed up the renewal and reconstruction process of the old city in Jiaonan, and at the same time, it will help shape the urban spatial structure of the West Coast New District. It is of great significance to develop and promote the upgrading of the industrial structure.

The second phase of Line 6 can effectively relieve the traffic pressure caused by the lack of internal north-south main traffic channels in the West Coast New Area. Problem; the line connects a comprehensive transportation hub and a rail transit express line, which strengthens the collection and distribution capacity of large transportation hubs, ensures the reliability of external channels, and is conducive to the construction of public transportation as the main body and multi-modal smoothness in coordination with the layout of urban land. A connected, modern and integrated comprehensive transportation system has played an important role.

All 7 lines are under construction

The third phase of Qingdao's urban rail transit construction plan was officially approved in September 2021, with 7 projects totaling 139 kilometers. Among them, the second phase of Line 2, Line 5, and Line 7 will start construction at the end of 2021, achieving the "Qingdao Speed" of application, approval and construction in the same year. The branch line of Line 8 and the first phase of Line 15 will start in 2022.

The third phase of the subway lays a solid foundation for the next round of comprehensive construction of urban rail transit, and is of great significance to expanding the space for urban development and realizing the urban development strategy. It is estimated that by 2028, after all the lines planned in the third phase are completed, the total mileage of Qingdao subway operation will reach 503 kilometers, and the average daily passenger volume will reach 5 million. The initial construction will fully cover important transportation hubs such as aviation, railways, highways, and ports. The main urban area of the three banks can be reached within 45 minutes, and the key nodes can be reached within 1 hour. The "Qingdao on the track" has been initially built.

As one of the important tasks of Qingdao's three-year offensive, subway construction and the development and construction along the subway line play an important supporting role in improving the city's development level and improving the quality of urban functions. From 2022 to 2024, there will be 34 key promotion projects for subway construction and development and construction along the subway lines. Through three years of tough actions, we will fully match the urban development strategy and accelerate the construction of the subway, making the city more efficient, more intensive in land, more convenient in travel, more complete in supporting facilities, and more comfortable in living, allowing more people to work and live on both sides of the subway. .

Zhang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Qingdao Metro Group, said that Qingdao Metro currently has 11 lines under construction, covering 219 kilometers, with more than 300 work sites and 25,000 people participating in the construction at the same time. Organization and management system and mechanism construction have greatly increased the difficulty. On the basis of comprehensively summarizing the previous construction experience, Qingdao Metro has researched and formulated the "1+6" world-class subway target system, and will take this as the blueprint and vision, with the determination to "do the best", carefully prepare, organize scientifically, and tackle tough problems. Overcome the difficulties and ensure that the construction of the project is good, fast and safe. Editor/He Yuting