The 14th Five-Year Chongqing Urban Infrastructure Task Released

Seetao 2022-07-04 09:17
  • In the 14th Five-Year Plan, the operation and construction mileage of Chongqing urban rail transit will exceed 1,000 kilometers
  • Implement the renovation of 100 million square meters of old urban communities, and more than 60% of the communities meet the requirements of green community creation
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Recently, the Chongqing Municipal People's Government issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Urban Infrastructure Construction in Chongqing (2021-2025)" (referred to as the "Plan"), which further clarified the development of urban infrastructure in Chongqing during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. ideas, development goals and major tasks.

On July 1, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Commission interpreted the "Planning" and stated that the "Planning" proposed "fourteen" in seven areas including urban transportation, water system, ecological environmental protection, energy security, safe operation, new urban construction, and living environment. Key construction tasks during the five-year period.

Rail transit operation and mileage under construction exceeded 1,000 kilometers

The expressway network of "six horizontals, seven verticals, one ring and six connections" will be basically built. In terms of improving the level of urban transportation, the "Planning" closely follows the city of strong transportation and plays the role of the "pioneering officer" of transportation. Accelerate the promotion of "four-network integration" and the comprehensive development of rail transit TOD, create a "metropolitan area on the rail", and build a "one-hour commuting circle". The mileage of urban rail transit in operation and under construction exceeds 1,000 kilometers, of which the operating mileage reaches 600 kilometers.

Continue to promote the ease of congestion and smoothness in the central urban area, comprehensively promote the renewal of the road network, increase the mileage of urban roads by more than 1,360 kilometers, and increase the total mileage of traffic to more than 7,000 kilometers. The construction of the "Old Town on the Road" has achieved remarkable results. Improve the level of ground public transport services, and the motorized travel sharing rate of public transport in the central urban area has reached 55%.

Build a high-quality characteristic slow-moving system, with a total mileage of 2,200 kilometers of trails and 900 kilometers of central urban areas.

Optimize the supply of parking facilities, solve the parking problems in key areas, encourage the construction of "parking + transfer" (P + R) parking facilities at peripheral stations of urban rail transit, and increase the total number of parking spaces in the central urban area by more than 10% annually.

Increase the supply of safe, clean and diversified gas sources

In terms of strengthening regional energy security, the goal of peaking carbon emissions by 2030 will be set, and the construction of a modern energy system that is smooth inside and outside, clean and low-carbon, safe and efficient, and multi-intelligence will be accelerated. Promote the construction of "external electricity into Chongqing" transmission channel, improve the city's kilovolt power grid, and ensure the city's electricity consumption of 160 billion kWh. Increase the supply of safe and clean diversified gas sources, improve the "three vertical and four horizontal" natural gas backbone pipeline network and the "four rings and two injection" urban gas transmission backbone network, the city's total annual natural gas consumption reaches 16.4 billion cubic meters.

In terms of improving urban safety and resilience, build a comprehensive, all-round, systematic and modern urban disaster prevention and mitigation system, and accelerate the construction of resilient cities. The compliance rate of river embankments above grade 5 is 88%, the ability to resist earthquake disasters has been continuously improved, and the construction of a modern fire rescue system and civil air defense system has been accelerated. Promote the systematic construction of comprehensive pipe corridors, and the construction rate of new roads in new urban areas shall not be less than 30%.

Promote intelligent upgrade of urban infrastructure

In terms of promoting the construction of new urban infrastructure, focus on promoting the intelligent upgrade of urban infrastructure, fully deploy a new generation of information infrastructure, and coordinate the implementation of urban information model (CIM) platform construction, intelligent transformation of urban infrastructure, intelligent connected vehicles, intelligent Key tasks and major projects such as construction and building industrialization will boost the construction of "Intelligent Manufacturing Town" and "Smart City".

In terms of continuous improvement of the living environment, efforts will be made to provide citizens with a good living environment and public space. Implement the renovation of 100 million square meters of old urban communities, and more than 60% of the communities meet the requirements for the creation of green communities. Accelerate the construction of "no-waste cities", and maintain the harmless treatment rate of urban domestic waste at 100%. Continuously improve the public service facilities. The city has added 1,340 public toilets directly managed by sanitation, renovated and upgraded 933 public toilets directly managed by sanitation, completely eliminated no-light areas and dark blind areas in urban public areas, and improved the quality of urban landscape lighting. Editor / Xu Shengpeng