10th of Ramadan City Railway Helps Egypt Enter Electrification Era

Seetao 2022-07-05 08:46
  • 10th of Ramadan City Railway Links Cairo City, Egypt with New Administrative Capital
  • China Railway Group is the EPC general contractor of the project, China Railway Second Institute takes the overall lead, and China Railway Fifth Bureau is responsible for installation and commissioning
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At 8:00 a.m. on July 3, 2022, Egypt time, sections A and B of the Ramadan 10th City Light Rail Railway, constructed by China Railway and other Chinese companies, were put into trial operation. This is the first electrified railway in Egypt.

Egyptian President Sisi, Prime Minister Madbouli and other Egyptian officials, as well as Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Liao Liqiang attended the commissioning event on the day, and took the light rail from the starting station Adli Mansour Station to Badr Station.

The Egyptian 10th Ramadan City Light Rail Railway is located in the east of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It is an important link connecting the urban area of Cairo with the new administrative capital, the 10th Ramadan City and the satellite cities along the eastern route. It is also one of the flagship projects of China-Egypt One Belt One Road cooperation. The total length of the project line is about 70 kilometers, with a total of 12 stations, 1 depot and 2 traction substations. The train adopts 6 fixed marshalling, and the maximum running speed is 120 kilometers per hour. The train connects with the Cairo Metro Line 3 at the starting point of Adli Mansour Station, passing through Abur City, Shuluq City, Badr City, etc. along the way, and finally arrives at the New Administrative Capital Art and Culture Station.

China Railway Group and other Chinese enterprises formed a consortium as the general contractor of the project EPC, the China Railway Second Institute is responsible for the overall lead, and the China Railway Fifth Bureau is responsible for the installation and commissioning of all electromechanical systems across the line. With the solidarity and cooperation of all parties, China's infrastructure has added a splendor to the world's ancient civilization.

Filling gaps in Egypt's electric railways

The Ramadan 10th city light rail railway is the first time in Egypt to use the AC 27.5kV traction power supply system. For the Egyptian Electric Power Company and the Egyptian National Tunnel Authority, it is a new and unknown field. From the beginning of the engineering design, it faces international standards, technical systems, engineering interface and other problems.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the design team of China Railway Second Institute adhered to the concept of careful, precise and meticulous collaboration, and continuously optimized the design scheme, which was recognized by the Egyptian National Tunnel Bureau and the Egyptian National Electricity Company, which laid the foundation for the approval of documents and drawings.

In addition, there are 2 main substations in the Ramadan 10th City Light Rail Project. The core equipment of the entire traction power supply system is from China. Among them, the 27.5kV GIS overhead outgoing switchgear is the first independent research and development by China Railway Second Institute completely in accordance with IEC standards. The flagship products that go abroad have been unanimously recognized by the owners and supervisors, and have become a bright business card for Chinese manufacturing to go abroad.

Provide solid technical support

As the first city in Africa to build a subway, Cairo's urban construction adopts European and American standards. Different from Chinese standards, European standards and American standards have strong flexibility. For some special parameters, it is difficult to find relevant provisions in the European standard and American standard system, and it is often necessary to refer to or refer to the local or other international general standards of the project. Reference implementation.

At the beginning of the project, the design team of China Railway Second Institute, with the courage of "biasing towards the tiger mountain" and the tenacity of "daring to bite the hard bones", tried every means to collect more than 100 volumes of European and American related industry standards and more than 10 volumes of Egyptian standards, and repeatedly and in-depth study of these standards. , understand the normative system and application methods.

From 2014, Li Zhen, the overall head of the survey and design team for the Ramadan 10th city light rail project in Egypt, from the Metro Institute of China Railway Second Academy, has been stationed at the project site for 8 years and spent 4 Spring Festivals since 2014. Facing the challenges of document preparation, types, design process and design stage of Egyptian projects, he led the team to study and study European and American standards, and finally became familiar with the European and American standard systems. Answers are fluent, showing superb professional level and professionalism, providing solid technical support and guarantee for the smooth opening and operation of the project.

Build the strongest vehicle depot in Egypt

The depot is equivalent to the high-end "4S shop" of the train. It can provide services such as car washing, testing, parking, inspection, rescue, advanced repair, and component repair for the train. It is an important base to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the train.

The Badr depot and comprehensive base can be said to be the most powerful representatives in Egypt, with the characteristics of "one stage and four centers", namely large-frame repair depot, civil engineering and electrical comprehensive maintenance center, full-line logistics storage center, operation and maintenance training The center and the entire line operation control center (OCC) are responsible for the overhaul, temporary repair, weekly inspection, accident rescue, as well as cleaning, parking, maintenance and operation management of the vehicles on the line. Regarding the site selection of the depot in the early stage, the design team of the China Railway Second Institute continued to optimize the design. After three site selections and 23 editions of the general layout plan, the design task was finally successfully completed. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

The opening of the light rail railway in Egypt on the 10th day of Ramadan will greatly improve the transportation capacity between the Egyptian capital and key new cities, play an important role in the urban development of Cairo, Egypt, and will also play a good role in the Middle East, the Arab world and African countries.Editor/XuNing