Egypt's ultra-high pressure construction is promoted in the desert

Seetao 2022-07-05 09:29
  • China's Western Electric Power Project has improved the production capacity of local electrical equipment in Egypt
  • After the Exadia 500 kV substation is completed, it will be connected to the new administrative capital of Egypt and the Sokhnai Spring Power Plant through transmission lines of different voltage levels
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In a desert near the Red Sea in Egypt's Suez Province, the Exadia 500 kV substation project undertaken by a Chinese company has begun to take shape. Chinese and Egyptian builders are carrying out the final stage of equipment installation and commissioning to ensure that the project is put into production as scheduled.

At 10 a.m., Egyptian engineer Mohammad Delar and Chinese technician Zhou Pengfei inspected and accepted the installation of the transformer butterfly valve and heat sink). "The 500 kV transformer uses strong oil and air-cooled circulation for heat dissipation. It must ensure that the heat dissipation system works well. Once a problem occurs, it may cause an accident due to its own heat generation and outdoor high temperature." Delar said.

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The project is general contracted by Xi'an XD International Engineering Co., Ltd. (XD International), a subsidiary of China XD Group, in the form of a consortium. It is an important power infrastructure project in the region and an important component of the backbone network of Egypt's national grid. part. The project covers all voltage levels of Egypt's main power transmission network ranging from 22 kV to 500 kV. The 14 transformers in the substation, 57 high-voltage switches at intervals and outdoor equipment are all produced by Chinese companies. At present, the construction of the substation is progressing in an orderly manner and is expected to be completed within 2022.

In recent years, Egypt plans to build the Suez Canal Development Axis into the largest trade center in the Middle East and Africa, and a large number of companies will move into the Suez Canal Economic Zone. At the same time, the infrastructure construction of Egypt's new administrative capital has also generated a large amount of electricity demand for the Suez Canal Economic Zone. Since local companies in Egypt do not yet have the ability to produce ultra-high voltage equipment, the regional power supply faces severe challenges.

Zhang Pengbo, deputy general manager of Xidian International Egypt Branch, said that after the construction of the 500 kV substation in Exadia, it will connect the new administrative capital of Egypt, the Sukhnaiquan Power Plant, and the important power plants in the region through transmission lines of different voltage levels. Industrial users and surrounding towns. "The project will optimize the overall power grid structure in the region, improve the operation safety and reliability of the power supply network, greatly improve the local power shortage, and provide reliable power supply support for the local economic and social development." Zhang Pengbo said.

The desert air is thin, and in the event of a sandstorm, the sky is full of sand. The harsh external environment has brought great challenges to the installation and maintenance of major equipment such as transformers and high-voltage switches in substations. "If the equipment cleaning and maintenance management is not in place during the installation process, it is easy to cause equipment failures." Zhang Pengbo introduced that in order to reduce the impact of the desert environment on equipment installation, the installation team actively improved the installation environment, "for example, the doors and windows of the equipment installation workshop It is closed with partitions and plastic sheets to effectively reduce sandstorms; staff need to remove dust when entering and leaving to prevent sand and dust from entering the workshop.”

In 2022, Delar, who is 31 years old, has been engaged in the installation of power equipment, and will come to the substation to participate in the installation of transformers in 2021. He said: "Participating in the work here, I not only mastered the installation process of 500 kV transformers, but also learned a rigorous work attitude from Chinese masters, which is very helpful for personal skills improvement and career development." Delar said, As the power supply system is still not perfect, power outages in Egypt occur from time to time. "I look forward to expanding cooperation between Egypt and China in the field of electric power and promoting the development and upgrading of Egypt's power system." Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

Up to now, Xidian International and Xidian-EGEMAC under the China Xidian Group have participated in and completed dozens of complete substation projects in the Egyptian market, providing 66kV to 500kV power transformers for more than 20 substations, Lightning arresters and other power transmission and transformation equipment have improved the production capacity of local electrical equipment in Egypt and promoted the rapid development of the local power industry. Ayman Hamza, a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, said that Egypt has comprehensive cooperation with China in the fields of power production, distribution, transmission and services. Egypt will send technicians to China to learn technical experience. And encourage local power companies to cooperate with Chinese companies. "I look forward to maintaining a good momentum of cooperation between Egypt and China, and promoting the two sides to achieve more mutually beneficial and win-win results." Hamza said.Editor/XuNing