$620 million! Bosnia's Prenj Tunnel Contract Tenders

Seetao 2022-07-05 10:38
  • Construction of the tunnel is part of the Bosnian 5C corridor strategic plan
  • Construction of the Prenj tunnel project will increase traffic capacity and safety throughout Bosnia and reduce travel times
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Bosnia plans to launch an international tender for the construction of the 10.5km Prenj tunnel, which will be completed by 2028. The tunnel will form part of the 5C route of the important European corridor and will cost close to $620 million to build. Most of the financing required was provided by the European Investment Bank. However, the Western Balkans Investment Framework partially financed the tunnel.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has excellent roads and highways connecting and passing through cities, towns and villages. The M4 road is a long road, starting from the border town of Novi Grad in the north, then to Prijedor, Kozorac, Banja Luca, Maslovare, Klupe, Jelah all the way to Tuzla and Bijeljina in the northeast.

Meanwhile, in the Republika Srpska, an entity in Bosnia, work has begun on a highway to the Okany Ring Road and is expected to be completed within two years. Construction will also begin on a 17-kilometer highway between Raca and Bijeljina, worth 132 million euros. Integral Engineering is the selected contractor and work is expected to begin shortly.Editor/XingWentao