New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy Strengthens Ecological Restoration
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  • New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy achieves green mining through technological innovati
  • The new mine Inner Mongolia Energy adheres to the simultaneous advancement of economic development and ecological environment construction, and improves the ecological environment of the mining area
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Walking into the industrial park of Shandong Energy New Mining Group Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. in the hinterland of the Mu Us Desert, I saw lush trees and egrets flocking together. A green, ecological and environmentally friendly industrial cluster appeared in front of me.

New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy adheres to the simultaneous advancement of resource development and ecological protection, strives to build a green, safe, efficient and intelligent industrial cluster, and contributes to building a clean energy supplier and a world-class enterprise.

Building green mines

Zhang Shiqiang, a worker at the second mine of Inner Mongolia Energy's Great Wall Mine for 15 years, said: "When I first arrived here, there were only two tenaciously growing elm trees on the endless sand dunes. The sand blew on people's faces, like a layer of foundation. "

Under the fragile ecological environment, we insist on the simultaneous promotion of economic development and ecological environment construction, and make scientific plans according to local conditions to continuously improve the ecological environment of mining areas. Fang Wanwei, secretary of the party committee and manager of the Great Wall No. 2 Mine, said.

Due to the poor water retention of the local sandy soil and the low survival rate of vegetation, it has brought many difficulties to the greening of the mining area. Under the guidance of relevant experts, the staff of the Reconstruction and Expansion Office of the Great Wall No. 2 Mine formulated a complete greening plan, giving priority to planting drought-, cold-, and salt-tolerant sophora japonica, locust, silk cottonwood, Xinjiang poplar, and sand jujube, which are easier to survive. species.

In order to ensure the survival rate of trees, we have formulated reasonable spacing specifications, excavated tree pits with large space, backfilled with mellow soil and farmyard manure in proportion, used polymer materials to retain water, and used nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium organic fertilizers to make soil. Breathable, water-retaining, nutrient-rich, and maximizing soil quality. "Xu Xinzeng, chief engineer of the Great Wall No. 2 Mine, said.

At the same time, in response to the high alkalinity and fluorine content in the local groundwater and the high mortality caused by tree watering, the Great Wall No. 2 Mine concentrated production wastewater and rainwater and discharged it to the sewage treatment workshop, and then transported the treated water to green irrigation. system to solve irrigation problems.

In recent years, the Great Wall No. 2 Mine has also increased the landscape design of the mining area, built Xiangshan Wetland Park and Ruyi Lake Park, and discharged underground water into the lake, which not only solves the problem of underground water discharge, but also beautifies the environment. The total green area is about 300,000 Square meters, with a water area of about 200,000 square meters, it has built a home with "mines in the garden, gardens in the mines, shaded trees, fragrant flowers in four seasons, and beautiful environment".

As the ecological environment is getting better and better, animals such as grass rabbits, sand foxes, pheasants, sand chickens, and swan geese often visit the mining area, and humans and nature live in harmony. Last year, the green mine construction of the Great Wall No. 2 Mine passed the third-party assessment and acceptance.

On this basis, Great Wall No. 2 Mine also promotes comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction, and intelligent mine construction, forming a complete set of working mechanisms for promoting green mine construction. In terms of comprehensive utilization of resources, an underground supermagnetic water treatment system, a surface mine water treatment system and a domestic sewage treatment system have been built, which has improved the comprehensive utilization of mine water. In the construction of intelligent mines, a mine production automation system has been established to realize centralized control and information linkage such as safety production, inspection and monitoring.

Innovative mining methods

New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy Yuxing Coal Mine adheres to the utilization of coal gangue resources and realizes green mining through technological innovation.

In the Qipanjing Ecological Park of Etuoke Banner, Ordos City, residents and workers run for fitness and leisurely watch the scenery. Beneath the beautiful ecological park is the main mining area of Yuxing Coal Mine.

The establishment of two suitable methods of underground stope and aboveground park benefits from the application of new coal mining technology in Yuxing Coal Mine.

In the process of coal mining, with the increase of mining depth, the ground will collapse to different degrees, which will cause harm to the ecological environment and ground roads. In order to solve this problem, Yuxing Coal Mine independently developed the continuous mining and continuous charging mining method to achieve the effect of no coal when coal is discharged, no gangue when discharged, no sewage discharge, full solid waste filling, no ground subsidence, and no environmental damage. Using continuous mining and continuous charging, Yuxing Coal Mine has effectively solved the problems of underground gangue digestion and gangue storage in surface coal washing plants.

With the in-depth progress of the mining project, new problems have emerged: the amount of gangue produced by itself cannot meet the mine filling needs. To this end, Yuxing Coal Mine has signed an agreement with the surrounding coal washing plants since 2017 to deal with the gangue produced by the coal washing plants, which not only solves the problem of solid waste discharge in the Qipanjing area, but also achieves considerable economic benefits.

In the future, Yuxing Coal Mine will continue to innovate the mining method of "continuous mining and continuous charging" to extend the service life of the mine, realize safe production and improve enterprise efficiency.

Development of clean chemical industry

When it comes to coal chemical industry, people often think of pollution such as dust. However, in the new mine Inner Mongolia Energy Hengkun Chemical Co., Ltd., a romantic encounter with the egret refreshed everyone's understanding of traditional coal chemical industry.

In February 2022, Hengkun Chemical was shocked to discover the national second-class protected animals - egrets. They not only hovered over the chemical factory area, but also landed by the scenic lake of the factory area, walking leisurely for food, combing feathers and playing in the water. Egret has a reputation as a bird for monitoring atmospheric and water quality conditions, and has extremely strict requirements on the living environment.

Why did Hengkun Chemical win the favor of Egret? In recent years, Hengkun Chemical has aimed at the goal of digital chemical construction, focusing on system energy conservation, environmental governance, and resource recycling, and has further promoted the comprehensive environmental management of the plant area, and promoted the green, low-carbon and efficient development of the chemical industry. "By adding a pretreatment system, a biochemical treatment system, and a coke quenching water treatment system, we have transformed the existing biochemical treatment plant, and increased the sewage treatment capacity from 50 cubic meters per hour to 108 cubic meters per hour, meeting the requirements of desulfurization waste. Liquid, desulfurization and denitrification waste liquid, and the water consumption of CDQ projects have achieved zero discharge of waste water." said Chen Xia, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Hengkun Chemical.

Hengkun Chemical also upgraded the ground domestic sewage treatment facilities, laid circulating water pipelines throughout the plant, and used all the treated domestic sewage for coke washing, mining greening, watering and dust prevention, etc. The comprehensive utilization rate of water resources reached 100%. %, and the annual water reuse rate reaches 99%.

In order to meet the emission demand, Hengkun Chemical accelerated the promotion of key environmental protection projects such as deep desulfurization, coke oven flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, and machine-side ground dust removal. Last year, the hoisting and replacement of the coke oven gas to liquefied natural gas decarbonization absorption tower was completed. The main function of the decarburization absorption tower is to absorb and remove acid gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in coke oven gas, and provide qualified raw material gas.

In order to ensure the long-term safe, efficient and stable operation of the decarburization absorption tower, Hengkun Chemical uses corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel material instead of the original carbon steel material, which not only optimizes the structure of the equipment, improves the operating efficiency of the equipment, but also ensures that the gas emissions meet the environmental protection requirements.

New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy closely follows the Shandong Energy Group's clean energy scale strategy deployment, focusing on mine environmental governance, and changing the mine economy into an ecological economy. In the future, with the continuous improvement of the industrial chain, New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy will vigorously promote the development of new energy focusing on photovoltaic power generation, and comprehensively build a coal-based, coal-electricity conversion as a path, new energy as a supplement, and warehousing and logistics as the support integrated industrial clusters. (Please indicate Seetao.com www.seetao.com for reprint) Seetao.com Engineering Column Editor/Zhao E


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