Wisdom wins the fourth country, Guangxi Industrial Power is ready to go

Seetao 2022-07-14 18:21
  • Guangxi Industrial Power will fully implement the non-road National IV emission standards at the end of the year
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On June 27, 2022, Guangxi Industrial Power Industrial Power Co., Ltd. ushered in the tenth anniversary celebration. The slogan "Glory for ten years, win the country four with wisdom" resounded in the industry in the shouts of all Guangkang people, and also represented the The ambition and prospect of Industrial Power China to deploy the four non-road markets in the future.

Against the background of the national goal of "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking", green development has become the main theme of China's future development. For the construction machinery industry, the non-road National IV emission standard that will be fully implemented on December 1, 2022 is a "big test", and Industrial Power has already "prepared for a rainy day" and deployed it early. With a century of strong R&D strength and excellent technical blood, it has created an Industrial Power National IV power matrix that takes into account emission standards and fuel efficiency, and has won the trust of customers through high-quality service and excellent quality, becoming a non-road national four fields. frontrunner.

Stimulate the strength of nuclear "core" and lay out the four eras of the country

In the past ten years of development, Guangxi Industrial Power has flourished under the joint support of Industrial Power and Liugong, and has won extensive support and trust from customers in various segments at home and abroad with its product quality and services. At the same time, relying on Industrial Power's profound application experience and technology accumulation, Guangkang has already started the layout planning for the non-road National IV power products.

"Faced with the emission upgrade problem raised by the non-road National IV, Industrial Power has developed a new technical route that combines the three technologies of DOC + DPF + SCR by relying on the post-processing integration technology and application experience accumulated in the technical route of the National Six Platform for Vehicles. ; And through a large number of real machine tests, to find the best balance between emission control, power performance and fuel efficiency of the National IV power equipment in actual working conditions, to help the equipment achieve a smooth transition from non-road National III to National IV, Bring greater benefits to users." According to Suo Guotao, chief engineer of Industrial Power China Engine Division.

Rich experience in product R&D and application and leading technological innovation have enabled Industrial Power to always have a first-mover advantage in the country's fourth field. As early as the end of 2021, Guangxi Industrial Power took the lead in delivering the first batch of non-road National IV power equipment to end users. In the future, Guangkang will continue to rely on the basic platform with mature technology applications to tailor-made for Chinese construction machinery. A non-road National IV power scheme with a higher degree of matching and a more comprehensive horsepower segment.

"In the future, our market will be larger, and our products can be applied in a wider range of market fields. We will work together with OEMs to match user equipment with the most environmentally friendly, economical and efficient power solutions. We are confident that our business will continue in the future. Make it bigger and stronger!" In the interview, Chen Ping, general manager of Guangxi Industrial Power, was smug about the future of China's four products.

Build a new model and comprehensively upgrade services

While the product quality has been steadily improved, Industrial Power has also carried out drastic upgrades and iterations in customer after-sales service. "Based on the intelligent equipment and digital network of the entire Industrial Power, we will make customer service more intelligent and allow customers to use our products and equipment more efficiently, which is also our strategic goal." Suo Guotao said .

The comprehensive upgrade of equipment intelligence and digitization makes the "24-hour service commitment" of the backend of Industrial Power more confident. In daily work, the CDS intelligent diagnosis technology and the blessing of the Internet of Things allow the engine to realize remote transmission and analysis of operating data, and pre-notify and arrange for vehicles that need to be maintained to provide guarantee for efficient attendance; and through the remote calibration function, it can make The engine performance is continuously upgraded to ensure that the equipment is always in a high-efficiency and energy-saving working range and exerts the best performance advantages.

Through digital technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, Industrial Power is making customer service faster, better, smarter and more convenient. At the same time, Industrial Power's back-end service system is also keeping pace with the times, making full preparations for the after-sales support of National Fourth Power products. "In the past ten years, Guangkang's business has continued to expand, and we have also established a mature and complete service network; currently, we are focusing on systematic training and training of national four product software for operators. Even during the epidemic, we also opened online There are a lot of lectures and sharing sessions." Chen Ping emphasized, "This is not only to allow our personnel and customers to better understand our National IV products, but also to allow future National IV products to be rolled out in the front-end market. The end-to-end service network can provide strong support for customers.”Editor/XingWentao