China calls for international cooperation to achieve low-carbon transition

Seetao 2022-07-17 10:08
  • China will work with the international community to promote a stronger, greener and healthier global development
  • Countries around the world will work together on energy transition and environmental protection
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Huang Runqiu, Minister of Ecology and Environment of China, spoke at the ministerial meeting of the United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development on the 14th, calling on the international community to unswervingly focus on development, unswervingly low-carbon transformation, and unswervingly work together.

At present, mankind has not yet come out of the haze of the epidemic of the century, the governance deficits such as climate change have not yet been filled, the global economic recovery is still fragile and weak, and the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is facing unprecedented challenges.

Huang Runqiu said that in order to speed up the implementation of the agenda, three points should be done. First, we must unswervingly focus on development. Only continuous development can realize the people's dream of a healthy life and a peaceful society. We must place development at the center of the international agenda, seek development with sincerity, and make concerted efforts to promote development. Second, we must unswervingly make low-carbon transformation. At present, energy and food security are in crisis. In particular, it is necessary to have a firm determination to transform, not to waver, let alone reverse. Third, we must unswervingly work together. The nations of the world ride on a ship with a shared destiny. We must work together to build a global partnership for development and leave no country or individual behind.Editor/XingWentao