Agricultural Machinery National IV Emission Upgrade Technology Seminar Held

Seetao 2022-07-19 16:11
  • More than 200 people from domestic machine and parts manufacturers attended the meeting
  • This conference will promote the innovation and development of China's agricultural machinery and equipment
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19 Minutes

From July 12th to 13th, 2022, hosted by China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and undertaken by YTO (Luoyang) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. It was successfully held in Luoyang City, Province.

You Hai, General Manager of Dongfanghong Diesel Engine, and Ning Xuegui, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the Association attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The meeting was chaired by Xiao Junhua from the Information and Membership Department of the Association. More than 200 representatives from domestic machine and parts manufacturers, research institutes and related media attended the meeting.

You Hai, General Manager of Dongfanghong Diesel Engine, said in his speech that the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association is an important social force for the development of agricultural mechanization in China. This time, the "National Fourth Emission Standard Technical Exchange Seminar for Agricultural Machinery" is to promote the thriving and prosperous agricultural machinery industry. An important platform for development, it will play a positive role in leading and promoting the innovation and development of agricultural machinery and equipment.

He pointed out that the switch to the fourth country is an inevitable choice for the development of the current agricultural machinery industry, and it is also a challenge that Dongfanghong diesel engines must face. At present, the development of the national fourth platform of Dongfanghong diesel engine is progressing in an orderly manner as planned, and the development of YTN series new platform products such as YTN3, YTN5, YTN9 is also progressing smoothly, and related supporting projects are being implemented. At that time, the National IV products of diesel engines will form a pattern of complementary two-valve and four-valve, power coverage of 30~450kW, which will greatly extend the product chain and also help improve product competitiveness.

Ning Xuegui, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General, pointed out in his speech that the upgrading of agricultural machinery National IV emission technology is a comprehensive test for the agricultural machinery industry, and it is a life-and-death test for some enterprises. It is less than 4 months before the official implementation of the National IV emission regulations for agricultural machinery, and companies are advancing various preparations in an orderly manner in accordance with the National IV switching time.

He said that this study is mainly based on the exchange of practical experience. The teachers who teach are all from agricultural machinery enterprises that are leading the national IV emission work. They are all participants and experts in specific work such as product design, emission calibration, and whole machine debugging. It is very rare to share with everyone. China YTO Group, the eldest son of the Republic, is a leading enterprise in the industry. They let technical personnel who do specific work come to the scene to share their experience, which is the responsibility and courage of a large state-owned enterprise, and it is also a manifestation of self-confidence.

He hoped that the participants would cherish the opportunity of this study and exchange, speed up the research and development of National IV products, and lay a solid foundation for the arrival of the National Fourth era.

Xing Min, executive vice president and secretary general of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, made a report entitled "High-quality Development of Internal Combustion Engine Industry under the Dual-Carbon Target", focusing on the development status, development trend and optimization and upgrading goals of the internal combustion engine industry. He pointed out that the internal combustion engine is an important basic manufacturing industry in my country and a major demand for sustainable development, while the modern internal combustion engine is a high-tech integration of combustion technology, information technology, artificial intelligence, new materials, advanced design and advanced manufacturing.

Liu Shunli, the regulatory director of Jinan Automobile Testing Center, took the title of "Key Interpretation of Non-Road State IV Regulations, Information Disclosure, and Remote Monitoring Technical Requirements", and discussed the national IV information disclosure, positioning and remote monitoring, compliance requirements, and information disclosure procedures. read in detail. He introduced that as of May, 115 companies had disclosed 1,634 non-four models, of which 82 were agricultural machinery, accounting for 5% of the total.

Ye Zongzhao, Director of the Power Machinery Division of the Agricultural Mechanization General Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, made an online report on the "National IV Emission Upgrade Test Appraisal Change Work Requirements". From the aspects of enterprise change process, appraisal management requirements, etc., the National IV emission upgrade test identification changes The policy has been comprehensively interpreted. He emphasized that at present, the application appraisal of the National IV product can be carried out at any time, and the new application for the National IV product model does not need to be added (G4). It is just that the enterprise must provide the environmental protection information disclosure document of the application product when submitting the application, and add the emission stage in the design value of the engine model in the product specification table (the style is the engine type 1 followed by (country 4)).

Li Wanyang, director of the Regulations Interpretation and Certification Office of Weichai Research Institute, made a report on the Publicity and Implementation of the National Four Agricultural Machinery Diagnostic Communication Technical Specifications, introduced the background and ideas of the formulation of the specification, and focused on the total number and total number of PCD occurrences. The accumulated running time, the remaining time before the activation of the NCD/PCD driver restraint system, the NCD/PCD counter, and the status of the NCD/PCD warning light are explained in detail. At the end of the report, some questions that enterprises are concerned about in the process of implementing technical specifications are also answered.

Yang Wanli, senior engineer of China YTO Technology Center, and Zhang Jianzong, deputy general manager of Harvesting Machinery Company, respectively made reports titled "Experience and Key Points of National Fourth Tractor R&D" and "National Fourth Harvester Design Difficulties and Problems", focusing on sharing China's first Tow the problems and accumulated experience during the research and development of the National Fourth tractor and harvester.

Bao Jianjun, Deputy General Manager of Dongfanghong Diesel Engine, and Chen Xin, Minister of Development Department, respectively made a report on "Requirements for the Main Engine of Non-road Country Four Diesel Engines" and "Application Practice of Non-road Country Four Diesel Engines". Four diesel engine upgrades and main engine matching research and development achievements and exclusive core advantages, and shared their experience in field adaptability verification of the whole machine.

Guangdong Liannan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Anhui Aikelan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., and Heilongjiang Huida Technology Co., Ltd. respectively introduced the advantages and characteristics of their respective companies in post-processing systems, remote terminal control, etc. 

The meeting also set up a pems exchange salon session. After the report, 6 pems equipment suppliers came to the stage to introduce the advantages and characteristics of their products, and discussed and exchanged the problems encountered in the practical application of pems. This session was presided over by Director Liu Shunli.

On the morning of the 13th, a group of delegates went to YTO China to visit Dongfanghong Zhichuang Space and Dongfanghong Diesel Engine Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop, and also displayed 5 National IV tractors on the spot. According to reports, these models have all passed the field verification, and the field verification time of some models has reached thousands of hours.

The lecturers of this conference are not only the participants in the formulation of relevant regulations, the person in charge of the specific work, but also the technical traders of the leading enterprises in the industry such as China YTO. After the meeting, many participants said that the training has gained a lot, the information of the meeting is abundant, the policy interpretation is authoritative and accurate, and the experience sharing of China YTO has certain reference significance. Editor/He Yuting