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China Resources Power has won the 1GW scenery project in Suixi County, Anhui!

Seetao 2022-07-22 08:49
  • The project is planned to be completed in three phases, with a total investment of not less than 10 billion yuan
  • After the completion of this project, the annual power generation will be no less than 2 billion kWh, and the annual saving of standard coal is about 560,000 tons
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Recently, the government of Suixi County, Huaibei City, Anhui Province and China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for a cooperation agreement on a million kilowatt new energy project. According to the agreement, the two parties will jointly develop wind power and photovoltaic resources in Suixi County, promote the sustainable development of the clean energy industry, optimize the regional energy consumption structure, and help the high-quality development of the local economy.

It is reported that the total investment of China Resources Power's million kilowatt new energy projects and related projects is not less than 10 billion yuan. It is planned to develop, construct and operate wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects of no less than 1 million kilowatts within the territory of Suixi County. It is planned to be completed in three phases, with an investment of about 1 billion yuan in the first phase, which will be connected to the grid in the first half of 2023; the investment in the second phase is not less than 2.5 billion yuan, which will be connected to the grid in the first half of 2024; the investment in the third phase is not less than 6.5 billion yuan It will be connected to the grid for power generation in 2025. After the entire project is completed, it can generate electricity of no less than 2 billion kWh annually, save about 560,000 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1.91 million tons, reduce smoke and dust emissions by about 173 tons, and create employment for nearly 2,100 people, which will effectively help Suixi. Carbon peaking, carbon neutrality, green and low-carbon cyclic development, and the construction of national green comprehensive energy demonstration counties have obvious economic, social and ecological benefits.

China Resources Power is a Hong Kong-listed company under China Resources Group. It is one of the most efficient and profitable integrated energy companies in China. Its business covers wind power, photovoltaic power generation, thermal power, hydropower, distributed energy, electricity sales, integrated energy services, coal and other fields . As of December 31, 2021, China Resources Power had total assets of HK$287.355 billion, operating installed capacity of 60,465 megawatts, power generation operating equity installed capacity of 47,997 megawatts, and renewable energy equity installed capacity accounting for 32.2%.

In the next step, Suixi County will take the signing of this project as an opportunity to strengthen the communication and contact with China Resources Power, provide front-line services, and advance with the highest standards, so as to create a good external environment and provide strong support for the development of the company in Suixi, so as to ensure the early start and early completion of the project. , take effect early. Editor/Zhao E