The section from Baoshan to Dali on the Dali-Rui Railway opens in Yunnan

Seetao 2022-07-23 10:25
  • The Dabao section of the Dali-Ruizhou Railway is 133 kilometers long and has 5 stations
  • The Dali-Baoshan section of the Dali-Ruizhou Railway was put into operation, ending the history of no railway in Baoshan City
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At 10:00 on July 22, 2022, the first C296 Fuxing EMU train from Baoshan, Yunnan to Dali slowly left Baoshan Station, ran all the way, and arrived in Dali, marking the official opening of the Dali-Baoshan section of the Dali-Russia Railway. Important progress has been made in the construction of international railway passages.

Dabao Section of Dali-Rui Railway

As an important part of the China-Myanmar international corridor, the Dali-Rui Railway is an important channel for China to radiate the center of South Asia and Southeast Asia and the eight outbound provinces and five outbound railway networks in Yunnan. It starts from Dali City in Yunnan Province in the east and reaches Ruili City in Yunnan Province in the west. , with a total length of 330 kilometers, divided into two sections from Dali to Baoshan and from Baoshan to Ruili. At present, the construction of the section from Baoshan to Ruili is progressing in an orderly manner, and the section from Dali to Baoshan took 14 years of hard work to be completed on schedule. This will help improve the layout of the road network and the development of the western region, expand the opening to the outside world, and help Yunnan and neighboring countries to achieve policy communication and facilities. Unicom, unimpeded trade, financial integration, people-to-people bond, and serving the new development pattern are of great significance.

It is understood that the Dabao section of the Dali-Rui Railway connects Dali City and Baoshan City in Yunnan Province, with a total length of 133 kilometers and a design speed of 140 kilometers per hour. It is a national I-level single-track electrified railway. There are 5 stations in Baoshan, of which 4 stations in Dali, Yangbi, Yongping County and Baoshan offer passenger transport services; 3 stations in Yangbi, Yongping County and Baoshan North offer freight services, allowing passengers to travel comfortably and goods flow smoothly.

The Dabao section of the Dali-Rui Railway is located in the western mountainous area of Yunnan. It is the first railway in China to cross the Hengduan Mountains. It spans four rivers including Yangbi River, Yinjiang River and Lancang River. It is one of the railways with the most complex topographic and geological conditions in China. Since the construction started in June 2008, the National Railway Group has organized the participating units to organize the construction in a scientific way, innovate to overcome the difficulties of geological disasters, and advance the project construction in a scientific and orderly manner.

In the initial stage of operation, the Kunming Bureau Group Company will arrange 7 pairs of passenger trains, including 3 pairs of passenger trains from Kunming to Baoshan and 4 pairs of passenger trains from Dali to Baoshan. 5 pairs of freight trains are arranged to run, and building materials, chemicals, electronic products, etc. can be quickly transported to Baoshan by railway. While meeting the needs of residents along the line, they are also exported to Myanmar and other countries. Imported materials and agricultural special products from the villages along the line can also be sold by train. At home and abroad, better serve the forefront of opening up, so that the frontier is no longer far away.

In the next step, the railway department will also work with local governments to build the Great Western Yunnan Tourism Ring Road, turn the green waters and lush mountains along the line into mountains of gold and silver, and promote the high-quality development of the border mountains in Western Yunnan. At the same time, through the combined transportation of road, rail, sea and rail, it can better open up new logistics channels between China and Myanmar and other Southeast Asian and South Asian countries, smooth the domestic and international economic cycle, and drive the economic recovery of neighboring countries and regions.

It is worth mentioning that on the morning of the 22nd, the Baoshan North Station of the Dali-Russia Railway opened for business. Three freight trains loaded with iron ore, sugar and fluorite powder assembled at the Baoshan North Station freight yard, and will be sent to Chuxiong, Kunming and Yunnan in succession. Shangluo, Shaanxi and other places, this is the first batch of goods shipped after the Dabao Section of the Dari-Rui Railway was put into operation, marking the official launch of the freight business of the Dabao Section of the Dari-Rui Railway. Editor/He Yuting