Shandong Zhaoyuan Abandoned Mine Ecological Restoration Project Won the Bid

Seetao 2022-07-27 17:17
  • The total area of ​​the project management area is about 1.84 kilometers, and the construction period of the project is 2 years
  • After the project is completed, it will greatly improve the local ecological environment and realize the sustainable use of land resources
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Recently, the general contracting project of the first bid section of the ecological restoration and treatment project in the Dalan area of the abandoned mine in Yantai Zhaoyuan City, which is operated by the Mining Company of China Railway Tenth Bureau Mining Company, which is responsible for the operation of the urban construction company and the Shandong regional headquarters, has been successfully implemented. China Railway Tenth Bureau Mining Company won the first bid. The project in the field of mine ecological restoration has made a new breakthrough in the process of expanding the second curve market.

The project area is located in Zhangxing Town, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, about 200 meters away from Dalan Village in the west, 1 kilometer away from provincial highway S608 and S19 Longqing Expressway, and 4.8 kilometers away from Luanjiahe Reservoir in the west. The project management area is about 1,800 meters long from east to west and 1,100 meters long from north to south, with a total area of about 1.84 square kilometers. The main construction tasks of the project are ecological restoration and comprehensive treatment of abandoned mines, including earthwork works, road works, blocking warning works, masonry works, soil-covering greening works, maintenance works, etc. High and steep slopes, residual walls and exposed industrial sites are to be repaired and treated. The construction period of the project is 2 years.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that we must establish and practice the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. In November 2021, China Railway Tenth Bureau seized new opportunities for industrial development, quickly deployed the market in the field of ecological environmental protection restoration and mining, established and cultivated a professional mining company focusing on ecological restoration and mining, and practiced it with practical actions. The concept of lucid waters and lush mountains creates a green new growth pole and builds an ecological background for high-quality development.

3D image of the existing residual hills

Dalan area restoration renderings

The mining company fully relies on the territorial advantages of the China Railway Tenth Bureau, strengthens the cooperation of internal units, carefully studies and judges the market situation of the ecological management of abandoned mines in Yantai, continues to focus on the Yantai market, closely tracks the project dynamics, continuously integrates resource elements, and actively develops with advanced units in the industry such as Poly Ecology. Benchmark learning, mutual cooperation, through internal and external linkage and efficient coordination, the project will finally be successfully implemented.

Hold a project marketing promotion meeting

Conduct project site visits

Mine ecological restoration has a wide range of content, involving comprehensive technical support and services such as comprehensive management of abandoned mines, monitoring of production mines, development of technical standards, and research on policy systems. In accordance with the requirements of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to "build an environmental governance system led by the government, with enterprises as the main body, and social organizations and the public participating together", the state uses policy incentives to attract input from all parties, and promotes market-oriented operations and scientific governance. The mine ecological restoration model, which restores the destroyed ecological environment, will greatly improve the local ecological environment, realize the sustainable use of land resources, and lay a good ecological foundation for the local government to introduce industries.

Abandoned mine restoration pictures

The mining company will adhere to the national strategy and policy-oriented, resolutely implement the requirements of the implementation plan of the second curve of the China Railway Tenth Bureau, strengthen the research on business models, and focus on ecological restoration of national land space, comprehensive land improvement, rural revitalization, national reserve forest, modern In the fields of agriculture and mining engineering, we will make every effort to expand the market and be the pioneer of the second curve of China Railway Tenth Bureau. Editor/Zhao E