Key flood control projects in the Haihe River Basin in Hebei start construction

Seetao 2022-07-29 15:47
  • The total construction period of the project is 36 months
  • After completion, it will improve the ability and level of rainwater resource utilization in Xingtai City, Hebei Province
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On July 29, 2022, the flood control project and safety construction project in Luluze and Ningjinbo flood storage and detention areas officially started. The project is one of the 150 major water conservancy projects deployed and implemented by the State Council, with a total investment of 3.369 billion yuan.

Key flood control projects in the Haihe River Basin

Daluze and Ningjinbo (divided into three parts, Xiaoning Jinbo, Xiaonanhai and Laoxiaozhanghe), the flood storage and detention area, also known as the depression in the middle reaches of the Fuyang River, is located east of the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and northeast of Xingtai City, Hebei Province. It is a natural depression formed in history. It is the largest flood storage and detention area in Hebei Province and the third largest flood storage and detention area in China. It is a key flood control project in the Haihe River Basin. The main construction contents of the project are: Expansion and excavation of Beili River, reinforcement of embankments, reconstruction of bridges and culverts, maintenance and reinforcement of Aixinzhuang Junction, new Beichenhai flood control project, construction of safety zone and retreat road. The project involves 2 districts and 6 counties in Renze District, Longyao County, Ningjin County, Julu County, Nanhe District, Pingxiang County, Xinhe County and Baixiang County of Xingtai City.

The Daluze and Ningjinbo Flood Storage and Detention Areas undertake the task of storing and detaining floods in the Fuyang River Basin and local waterlogging, and play an important role in protecting the safety of important areas and facilities in the downstream Heilonggang area and Tianjin City, and reducing the flood control pressure on adjacent river systems. very important role.

After the project is completed, the flood discharge capacity of Beili New River will be increased, and the flood storage and detention area will basically reach the standard once every five years. The construction level of the flood control system in the Haihe River Basin has been improved. The construction of safety and risk-avoiding facilities such as safety zones and evacuation roads will also comprehensively improve the disaster prevention and mitigation capacity and level of flood storage and detention areas, and can effectively reduce the disasters caused to the safety of people's lives and property in flood storage and detention areas when low-standard floods occur. Effectively enhance the people's sense of security, happiness, and sense of achievement. At the same time, as major water conservancy projects, the flood control projects and safety construction projects in the flood storage and detention areas of Lulu Ze and Ningjinbo are the specific starting point for the implementation of the requirements of "stabilizing the economic market". It plays an important role in promoting coordinated local development, stimulating effective investment demand, and promoting stable economic growth, and has a positive impact on promoting local urban planning, investment attraction, project construction, and business environment. Through scientific and rational scheduling and application of flood storage and detention area projects, it has played a positive role in conserving groundwater sources, raising groundwater levels, consolidating the results of the re-emergence of hundreds of springs, and maintaining the normalization of "rivers with water". Complementary, rich and dry adjustment, smooth circulation, good ecological water beauty and livable ecological environment provide a solid foundation. Editor/He Yuting