Wang Yi Meets with Foreign Minister Bilawal of Pakistan

Seetao 2022-07-29 17:33
  • Wang Yi expressed that China and Pakistan are true friends who share weal and woe and good brothers who show sincerity
  • Bilawal said that the friendship between Pakistan and China has become stronger as time goes by, and the Pakistani side has always regarded the all-weather friendship between Pakistan and China as the cornerstone of its foreign relations
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10 Minutes

On July 28, 2022, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Foreign Minister Bilawal of Pakistan on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Tashkent.

No matter how the domestic and international situation changes, both sides unswervingly uphold and maintain the China-Pakistan friendship, and unswervingly support each other's core interests and major concerns. China will continue to firmly support Pakistan in safeguarding its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, support Pakistan in exploring a development path suited to its national conditions, achieve unity, stability, prosperity and strength, and support Pakistan in playing a more important role in regional and international affairs.

Wang Yi expressed that the Chinese side appreciates the Papua New Guinea government's commitment to deepening the China-Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, and is willing to continue in-depth strategic communication with the Pakistani side, jointly build a closer China-Pakistan community of shared future in the new era, and inject the "hardcore" friendship between the two countries. New era connotation. The two sides should promote the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and pragmatic cooperation to continue to deepen and solidify, promote infrastructure cooperation, and strengthen industrial cooperation and the connection of production and supply chains between the two countries. China supports Chinese enterprises to invest in Pakistan and help Pakistan to speed up its industrialization process. China is willing to import more high-quality agricultural products from Pakistan, and restore and expand air routes and personnel exchanges between the two countries in an orderly manner.

Bilawal thanked China for its strong support for Pakistan in maintaining territorial integrity and realizing economic and social development. Pakistan will continue to stand firmly with China on issues concerning China's core interests and major concerns. We look forward to strengthening high-level exchanges and strategic communication to continuously inject new impetus into the cooperation between the two sides. The Pakistani side will speed up the construction of the corridor to demonstrate the "speed of a new Pakistan" and is willing to actively discuss and promote the extension of the corridor to Afghanistan. Thanks to China for facilitating the return of Pakistani students to China and the addition of direct flights between the two countries.

Bilawal said that the Pakistani side highly appreciates China's leading role in upholding multilateralism, maintaining world peace and tranquility, promoting global sustainable development, and addressing global challenges, and supports and is willing to actively participate in the implementation of the global development initiative and global security proposed by President Xi Jinping. initiative.

Bilawal emphasized that the Pakistani side attaches great importance to ensuring the safety of Chinese institutions and personnel in Pakistan. The terrorists in the "4.26" terrorist attack are enemies of Pakistan-China friendship and enemies of Pakistan, and Pakistan will definitely punish them severely. Pakistan will make every effort to promote the "enhanced" security work to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Wang Yi expressed his appreciation for this and hoped that the Pakistani side will speed up the detection of the "4.26" terrorist attack case and severely punish the perpetrators. He is willing to work with the Pakistani side to reach an agreement on the "enhanced version" of the security work plan and put it into practice.

The two sides expressed that they will strengthen cooperation within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the "Group of 77 and China", continue to adhere to genuine multilateralism, jointly defend the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries, and promote the democratization of international relations.

The two sides exchanged views on the Afghan issue and other issues, and agreed to give full play to the role of Afghanistan's neighboring foreign ministers' mechanism, encourage the Afghan interim government to build inclusive and prudent governance, achieve long-term stability in Afghanistan, and develop good-neighborly friendship with neighboring countries. Editor/He Yuting