CRRC Changji shared car was successfully delivered to Mongolia

Seetao 2022-08-03 09:16
  • The EC70C delivered this time is tailor-made according to the characteristics and types of railway transportation in Mongolia
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Recently, CRRC Qiche successfully delivered the first batch of 50 300 railway freight cars to Mongolia in 2022.

In recent years, under the interconnection of China's Belt and Road Initiative and Mongolia's "Grassland Road", trade exchanges between China and Mongolia have been frequent. With the opening of the China-Europe freight train, Mongolia, as an important transit country, has experienced rapid growth in railway transportation. develop. In the process of cooperation, in 2021, CRRC and Mongolia once again joined hands and signed a purchase contract for 300 open-collection shared vehicles.

The car has a novel design and superior performance, which can meet the requirements of coal, ore transportation and container cargo transportation at the same time, realize the "removal and return" of railway freight, effectively improve the efficiency of vehicle operation and reduce transportation costs. With the advantages of advanced technology, safety and reliability, and strong applicability, the car has been affirmed by users, and it has also provided strong support for the improvement of Mongolia's railway freight capacity.Editor/Ma Xue