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Praise the President! Two Kenyan transport projects officially open to traffic

Seetao 2022-08-03 10:47
  • The Nairobi Expressway project has a total length of 27.1 kilometers and will start construction in September 2020
  • The main line of the Nairobi East Ring Road Widening Project is 27 kilometers long, and the construction will officially start on January 15, 2022
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On July 31, 2022, the Nairobi East Ring Road Widening Project in Kenya was opened to traffic, and the Nairobi Expressway Project was officially opened to traffic. Kenyan President Kenyatta attended the opening ceremony and unveiled and cut the ribbon for the project monument, accompanied by Zhou Pingjian, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Macharia, Minister of Transport of Kenya, and Li Changgui, Deputy General Manager of China Road and Bridge and General Manager of Kenya Office.

Kenyatta thanked the Chinese government and Chinese people for their confidence in Kenya. All the infrastructure invested, constructed and operated by the Chinese government will help Kenya realize the 2030 Vision and the Kenyan Dream. The Nairobi Expressway is one of the most important infrastructures in Kenya. It will vigorously promote the development of various industries such as transportation, tourism, and hotel services in Kenya. The project will directly benefit nearly 3 million people and indirectly benefit nearly 6 million Kenyan people. He thanked all the builders who participated in the construction of the project. Thanks to their hard work, the construction period of the project was reduced from 36 months to 18 months. The Nairobi Expressway, the Fourth Ring Road and other infrastructure built by China Road and Bridge will help Nairobi become a East African business, trade and diplomatic center.

Zhou Pingjian said that the Nairobi Expressway is a new landmark of friendship between the people of China and Kenya. He congratulated China Communications Construction and China Road and Bridge for becoming Kenya's most trusted partners. Zhou Pingjian emphasized that under the care of the two heads of state, the relationship between the two countries has reached a new height, and China-Kenya cooperation has become a model of China-Africa cooperation. He firmly believes that China and Kenya will establish a stronger friendship and a more comprehensive strategic partnership. China will continue to support Kenya in achieving its goal of independent and sustainable development, and help Kenya realize its 2030 Vision and Kenya Dream at an early date.

Nairobi Expressway Project

The Nairobi Expressway project is the first highway PPP project in Kenya, developed by the company in cooperation with the Kenyan government in the BOT model. Since the trial operation started on May 14, the traffic flow and the proportion of ETC users have increased steadily. The average daily traffic flow has increased from 15,000 at the beginning of the operation to 35,000. The project has increased the travel time from the airport to the urban area from the previous two hours. Reduced to 20 minutes, significantly reducing logistics and public commuting costs; providing more than 6,000 jobs in Kenya. After the official operation, the Nairobi Expressway will be fully integrated into the city's mainstream transportation mode, integrated into the development of various industries and the daily travel of citizens. significant.

Nairobi East Ring Road Widening Project

At the opening ceremony of the East Ring Road Widening Project in Nairobi, Kenyatta listened to the project construction report and highly affirmed and praised the construction team's high-quality and efficient project construction.

The main project content of the Nairobi East Ring Road Widening Project is to widen the original two-way two-lane East Ring Road into two-way four to six lanes. The main line has a total length of 27 kilometers. It will officially start on January 15, 2022, and the contract construction period is 12 months. The project team planned scientifically, overcame difficulties, and opened the entire line to traffic nearly half a year ahead of schedule.

The Nairobi East Ring Road and the Nairobi South Ring Road, West Ring Road, North Ring Road and Nairobi Expressway constructed by the company together constitute the main road traffic framework of Nairobi's first ring and one trunk, which plays an important role in relieving the urban traffic pressure in Nairobi and promoting the high-level development of the city. Editor/He Yuting