Domestic debut! Shantui's DL300-G push-to-install machine is shocking

Seetao 2022-08-04 09:52
  • DL300-G has excellent operational efficiency and economic performance, and partially replaces excavators and loaders
  • DL300-G has strong power, high fuel efficiency, and comprehensively improves product optimization and comprehensive performance to create more value for our customers
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Keep upright and innovate, lead the future with wisdom! On August 4, 2022, DL300-G, the first push-to-install product in China, was unveiled. As a research and development achievement that broke the monopoly of foreign technology, this product embodies Shantui's 70 years of ingenuity and ingenuity. A new height of machinery, adding another weapon to the great power!

As a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, Shantui Co., Ltd. continues to undertake missions and make contributions on the road of expanding and strengthening the equipment manufacturing industry. The release of the DL300-G push-installer this time is a transformative innovation of Shantui adhering to the brand mission of making construction easier, keeping an eye on market trends, and based on customer needs, and once again leading the new trend of industry development.

At the press conference, Su Zimeng, President of China Construction Machinery Association, delivered a speech. He said that in recent years, Shantui Co., Ltd. has always taken technological innovation as the engine, and has achieved a series of remarkable results and eye-catching innovations around the core of "intelligent manufacturing". , vigorously promote the industry change. The launch of the first push-to-install machine product in China has promoted the technological innovation of China's equipment manufacturing industry and added core products with strong competitive advantages to "Made in China".

Zhang Min, general manager of Shantui Co., Ltd., said at the press conference: Shantui has always adhered to customer demand-oriented, and launched China's first brand-new excavator in response to the construction difficulties, low efficiency and high cost of some excavators. The concept construction machinery, the Shantui DL300-G push-installer, marks another breakthrough in the technology gap of the industry by Shantui. In the future, Shantui will continue to adhere to the spirit of perseverance, make great efforts, make refined products, continue to upgrade and improve, and constantly strive for excellence.

"DL300-G is a brand-new construction machinery equipment newly developed by Shantui that integrates the functions of loading, moving, leveling, and slope operations. It has excellent operational efficiency and economic performance, and can partially replace the application of excavators and loaders." At the press conference, Liu Chunchao, deputy general manager of Shantui Co., Ltd., and product managers introduced the research and development process and product characteristics of push loader, and gave them to the video through video. We showed its excellent performance in practical application.

Gold core, unique

Based on Shantui's profound development experience in the field of static pressure transmission, the DL300-G push-installer integrates the technical advantages of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, and integrates Weichai Engine, Linde Hydraulics, Shantui Transmission and Four Wheels, and has achieved a golden core. brand new product.

While meeting the non-road National IV emission standards, the DL300-G has strong power and high fuel efficiency, and comprehensively improves product optimization and comprehensive performance to create more value for our customers.

Powerful, energy-saving and economical

It adopts the exclusive Weichai WP10H four-stage emission engine with strong power; through the golden combination of power and static pressure system, the response is fast and the transmission efficiency is high; the intelligent working system is adopted to realize the automatic lifting and automatic leveling of the working device with one button, which improves the control Efficiency: By developing a power matching control strategy for compound action under large traction force, the traction force can reach more than 250kN, which is suitable for heavy load conditions; the whole machine is flexible and flexible, and the overall construction efficiency is increased by 15%; relying on the engine ECO mode, the fuel consumption is reduced by 15%; Energy-saving working hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil replacement cycle is up to 5000 hours.

Multi-purpose machine, smart and efficient

DL300-G meets the needs of complex action operations such as pushing and digging, pushing and loading, and one machine has multiple functions. Compared with wheel loaders, the crawler chassis of DL300-G has lower ground pressure and better adaptability to complex ground conditions. The equipment can realize the four tasks of loading, moving, leveling and excavation, and can be used in various typical working conditions such as urban underground space, wetland earthwork, mines, and steel mills.

Reliable components, robust and durable

Reliability and durability are the primary goals when the pusher is designed. In the design process, through the application of FAE technology, the structural strength of the DL300-G main frame, trolley, working device and other large structural parts has been simulated and verified and has passed the appropriate "margin" reserve. Rigorous experimental testing. At the same time, with a good temperature-controlled fan cooling system, the DL300-G can easily adapt to harsh working conditions.

Do what you want, comfortable and innovative

The DL300-G working device is hydraulically controlled by a single handle, with integrated automatic lifting and closing buttons, with precise control and easy operation; it is equipped with an 8-inch intelligent display and control terminal, which can perform a variety of user-friendly control settings; the driving space is wide and the field of vision is wide. Open, reasonable arrangement of each operating position, fully ergonomic design of the seat, equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning, can provide operators with a convenient and comfortable operating environment.

Convenient maintenance and security

The DL300-G cab can be flipped backwards up to 30°, which is convenient for the maintenance of the internal pipelines and key hydraulic components of the machine; the whole machine is easy to maintain and can be maintained on the ground; the newly designed front and rear double Safe and convenient access to and from the bus. More than that, adhering to the core value concept of "customer satisfaction is our purpose", Shantui provides customers with high-quality service experience and makes them satisfied.

Seizing the opportunity of the times and raising the banner of green and intelligent, the DL300-G push-installer has devoted efforts in the research and development of Shantui Intelligent Manufacturing, and has taken a solid step towards the vision of "becoming a leader in intelligent construction solutions".

In the future, Shantui will continue to keep up with market demand, create value for customers, build core competitive advantages of products, promote technological innovation in China's equipment manufacturing industry, and continue to seek intelligent control, power matching, efficient transmission, and reliability design. Breakthrough, provide customers with more optimization options, more solutions, and make construction easier!Editor/Zhao E